Friday, October 2, 2009

The Big Zero Got What He was Asking For in Wonderful Copenhagen

A Bloody Snout

. . . much needed to stop him (perhaps*) in his tracks from the arrogant destruction of America. Let's hope that for the big O 0, his defeat in Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen** is not the first failure he will encounter in his drive to turn the United States into something akin to Hugo Chavez's Venezuela at the mercy of the Islamics who want to make us knuckle under to them and their primitive code of "religious**" law.

From the land that gave us the Mo-Toons, that showed the world what Mohammedanism and what its Mohammedan jihadists are doing to the world, comes his first major setback.  Unable to contain my long longed-for schadenfreude (gleeful exultation at another's misfortune) at the smashing of the Olympic fist into that arrogant visage, I must go on a rant:

First time the narcissist who occupies the US presidency at this time in history, who denigrates America before the World every chance he gets, who orders Israel about as if they were a bunch of 19th Century ghetto Jews in Eastern Europe, who plays a waiting game with Afghanistan--waiting while American troops pay for his indecisiveness with their lives, who uses Air Force One and Two with abandon as if they were about to go out of style--showing how gauche he and his really are, who makes me write run-on sentences to air my ire, first time he got his snout bloodied by the very World he tries so hard to woo by tossing America and us Americans under the bus that's always seems to be so conveniently there for him.

*I say "perhaps," because a narcicssist, such as Obama, full of arrogance as he shows himself to be, often will not recognize his defeats, blaming them as the faults of those standing in his way.

**For what gave impetus to this outburst and the original video about "Beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen," you must go to Gates of Vienna

***actually "ideology," because Islam is an ideology with a political agenda disguised as a "religion" to fool the world and especially make use of America's relgious freedom.

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