Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harry Reid's Message to America

. . . and this is also the message of the Democrat Senators--and of the Pelosi-run Congress

well, let's send the same message back to our senators that are about to do what Harry Reid is showing what is in store for us.

Look for the senators that are running for re-election--and see that they are tossed out on their elitist rumps.

Ditto for the Congress men and women. They give us the finger, they get what they did to us.

. . . and what's the antidote to this screwing of America?

Well, here's a bright suggestion:

Note: Please read Victor Davis Hanson's article with care: it points out the collusion between Wall Street, Bankers, and Government. Wall Street and the Banks apparently practice the Oldest Profession.

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