Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to do about Obama‏

A Message of National Importance

1) First, listen to Barack Obama here:

2) Second, learn about the Islamic art of dissimulation called “taqiyya” by reading an essay by Raymond Ibrahim which appeared in the Winter 2010 edition of the Middle East Quarterly here:


3) Start a local community education program on the founding principles of American Government as articulated in the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and The Federalist Papers. (I can recommend some illuminating books for this education program.)

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Also see http://apathetic-usa.com/articles.htm

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  1. Obama is a deceitful stealth jihadist who has bankrupted America. Now that he has the power of a dictator from the faux health care debacle and will soon get the ability to steal the rest of our wealth via the financial reform bill, it will not be long and Israel will be attacked, removed from the middle east. Then Obama will tell us that we have a choice, convert to islam, live as slaves to islamists, or die. Our choice. He will pretend to convert himself, since he told us he was a Christian, which is a lie. He is the islamists man in our whitehouse who was put there with the intention and the plan to take America down from within. They could not begin to fight us militarily, they needed to do it through deceit.
    Obama is America's mortal enemy within.
    He believes that when we are broke, that our spirits will be broken. What he failed to learn about America is that Americans love their God, their country because of its principles and their FREEDOM. Obama has underestimated the American people.
    Islamists lie because if the truth were to be known about Islam, Americans would not tolerate it and would fight against it already.