Thursday, January 3, 2008


The Saudis do not take kindly if the truth is told about them**.

Their hand reaches far beyond the borders of their Arabia, even--far too much--into the United States, where they monitor blogs and exert economic pressure on the corporation they have bought into to gag these blogs.

But that should surprise no one, as the Saudis have bought too many in our--the U.S.--government. Their evil hand is strong and effective, never underestimate the power of the Saudis and the money they are receiving from the oil they happened to roam over.

Read all about the Saudis at your leisure.

*You bet it is! . . .
. . . In Saudi Arabia and all over the world . . .
. . . Saudis monitor blogs, especially those that are unfavorable towards them.
Don't think that they don't! It can readily be seen by any alert blogger--wherever in the world!
They (Saudis) exert pressure to gag free speech--and they succeed!
[in case you are an anti-jihad blogger and you do not know how to monitor the Saudis and UAE people who are monitoring you, contact me via a comment and the name of your blog for the information. I will post to your blog--a comment that you can then delete.]


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