Monday, April 7, 2008

Militant Islam at UC Irvine‏

With respect to the advance of militant Islam, we are often asked “what can be done?” The first thing we in the West must do is to make a decision that “tolerance” does not mean we are obligated to be tolerant of Islamist intolerance. As Lee Harris notes in The Suicide of Reason, if we continue to be tolerant of such intolerance we are on a slow path to cultural suicide. We must decide to stand up and resist the militant intolerance of Islamofascism – through educating others and, more importantly, through organized grassroots civic and political action. Western Europe and Great Britain are learning the hard way what the tolerance of Islamist intolerance leads to.

Militant Muslims regularly, repeatedly, and falsely, attempt to portray themselves as the victims and “infidels” as the aggressors. We are not the aggressors; militant Muslims are the aggressors. We in the West are castigated as bigoted, narrow-minded, intolerant and Islamophobic. But it is the militant Muslims who are bigoted and intolerant. Only in an Alice in Wonderland world could people who call Jews apes and pigs be viewed as the tolerant ones in our midst.

The article below provides just one more chilling example of how “peaceful” and “tolerant” militant Muslims are. Towards the end of the article you can read how these “tolerant” Muslims used intimidation to shut down a blog written by a Muslim who had left the faith. Small wonder so few moderate Muslims speak out against this militancy. You will also read how the Muslim student newspaper extolled terrorist attacks against civilians. All in the name of tolerance, of course.

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine
By 4/3/2008

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