Wednesday, June 11, 2008


by Hank Roth

. . . Muslims want Obama to become the American president. The US-Islamic forum in the Gulf backs Obama. Delegates to a US-Islamic forum on Feb 18, 2008, in a mock election by more than 200 of the American and Muslim delegates at the US-Islamic World Forum in Qatar [backed Obama]. About 280 public figures and academics from 32 countries, which included Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the US ambassador to the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad, attended this fifth edition of the forum.
All that money being spent on the election and so much of it coming in from private contributions makes you wonder where they really got the money? Is there so much loose change laying around for an election? I'm not downplaying the heightened emotions they feel about their candidate, but when times are hard and there is so much money, you have to ask yourself how is that possible? Of course a lot of it is bundled money and it comes from somewhere else. So where is that money coming from?
There are other questions which will certainly be raised in a general election. Why did Barack Hussein Obama change his name from Barry (or Barrie) to Barack? Aren't names important? They also signify association, if not real, at least emotionally. So, does Barack feel more like a Barack than a Barry? Obviously, he does.

Does he have the Muslim vote because his first name is Barack, not Barry? Or is it his middle name, Hussein, which brings in the money and the support of Muslims (and it doesn't hurt with African-Americans) who for some strange reason relate best to Muslims and fundamentalist/radical (and pentacostal) Christians.
Obama spend much of his life blending in. His associations may tell another story. His intentions may not be those stated and if Obama was true to his words he would not be associating with the people who also have connections which reach all the way to Iraq and to Indonesia.
You don't think they call himBarack [not Barry] Hussein Obama for nothing in Kenya, do you?

When Obama visited Kenya his praise of the Luo and Raila Odinga was so great that the Kenya government denounced Obama. They called him Raila Oginga's "stooge."

Luo is Odinga and Obama's African tribe. They constitute 13% of the population of Kenya. Odinga wants to be the president of Kenya but lost the election. His cousin, Obama is his inspiration. When he becomes president, Odinga wants all Kenyan Christians subjected to Sharia law. He has vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law if he becomes president.
Obama's cousin is Raila Ondinga. There is more about this in the Crypt - Crypt. Read it there.

Ondinga is an Islamic Jihadist. Obama has questionable ties to his cousin. They speak often over the telephone. Are we to believe that is all there is to it?

Obama supporters claim there is NOTHING to it. But they are not thinking rationally. Obama family in Kenya is Muslim.

They embrace Sharia law. They embrace the customs of Muslims and we can see the intolerance demonstrated everywhere where Muslims live. Are we ready for a visit to the White House by his Muslim family from Kenya? You know it will happen if he is elected president. Will they sleep in the Lincoln bedroom?

We are waging war against Muslims who live by a strict interpretation of Sharia Law. Obama's family adheres to strict interpretations of Islamic laws and traditions. How much does Obama also believe in Islamic law? How much can he separate himself from his own family? Even his pastor, who he was late to condemn - who he still considers as-if he were an uncle is a radical misanthrope who hates America and preaches a firey brand of fundamentalist Black Christian Liberationism which is antithetical for someone who wants to be president to also be or to have been associated with him.

Hank Roth

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  1. Obama is a Marxist who hates the United States and supports Marxists with Islamic ties like Odinga. There is PROOF that Obama used his elected office—and taxpayers’ dollars—to support Kenya’s Raila Odinga, self touted as “Your Agent for Change,” a violent anti-American thug man who made a pact with the Muslims to institute sharia (Islamic law). Odinga’s followers killed 750 people and burned a Christian church with 50 people, many of them children, inside. The mainstream media is criminally hiding these facts.