Monday, June 16, 2008


Opening the door to Islamic "stealth" invasion and world domination, Islamic Danger is poised to strike . . .

Jihad Watch, Commenter "RBLA" writes:

. . . we are poised to elect as president the abandoned child of a polygamous Muslim and a mother with an obsessive sexual hangup for foreign Muslims. He may not be a Muslim but has been a member for twenty years of a Church that is a fellow traveler of Farrakhan's odd Islamic cult. That, in itself should disqualify him. Obama is the life-long product of affirmative action selected by a clique of lunatic Democrat activists who seized control of a number of small state caucuses. He has no record of any serious intellectual achievements; he is probably just slightly above the average in intelligence. He has no national political experience; he came straight from the corrupt Cook County machine and has not finished even one term in the Senate, an office he attained through the sheer incompetence of his rivals in both parties. Everyone knows that there is one, and only one, reason that he has come as far as he has.
Posted by: RBLA at June 16, 2008 12:08 PM

To be fair to RBLA, the Comments starts with "We have just suffered through one offspring of a dysfunctional family followed by a spoiled frat boy with no intellectual curiosity. Now we are poised to elect as president the abandoned child of a polygamous Muslim . . . "
and . . .

11B40 says,

Even more important to me than Senator Obama's Muslim background is his psychological background. And yet, in this land of punditry, no one seems interested in exploring this aspect of his personality or should I say his persona.

It seems to me that he has been abandoned by both his birth parents, first his Kenyan father and subsequently his American mother, then separated from his male Indonesian parent. I cannot imagine that these experiences have not caused some level of psychological infirmity.

When I watch his public poses, chin elevated and staring off into the far distance, I see a little bit of Castro and/or Hitler. When I listen to his snappish responses, I sense a reservoir of anger that someday will bubble up to the surface. When I see him without his tele-prompter, I see a man who knows he is in deep water not knowing how to swim. When I think about someone who has participated in the Saul Alinsky "community organizing," or manipulation if you will, I wonder what is really in the back of his mind.
Posted by: 11B40 at June 16, 2008 1:01 PM

while waltc comments,

The reason the Muslim thing always comes up, is because he doesn't come across as a patriotic American.

And when you read those horrible books of his, he hasn't got a single good thing to say about the west, the U.S. and white people in general you can see that. And that is the first warning sign something is very wrong with him.

Then add in his 23 year friendship with the racist and hate monger Reverend Wright and Pfleger. Then there is friendship with the ex-terrorist and Marxist Ayers and Dorhn who got him started in politics. Then there's Khalidi a PLO apparatchick, another one of his buddy.

And then there's the theology of TUCC which is a poisonous mix of Marxism, black supremacism, hatred of white anti-semitism. Its basically a political movement disguised as religion.

Heck you can't find Christianity in TUCC. The fact that they posit that God must be black and only identity with the Black man or not exist at all pretty much excludes TUCC from being a Christian church in even the most liberal definition.

IMO its better to call Obama a Muslim for the simple reason the "Church" he goes to isn't a church but a political movement that has deep ideological ties to NOI and supportative of terrorist groups like Hamas.

Then add his other mentor in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis, another communist!.

Its clear Obama is not mainstream either in his friends or his ideology. In fact he's a radical. You do not seek out radicals and terrorists as your friends if you do not agree with their ideologies and goals.
Posted by: waltc at June 16, 2008 1:14 PM

Read the whole post and Comments at Fitzgerald: Obama's strategy at

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