Friday, March 6, 2009

In Memory of Things to Come


Horrors that Are Now - Horrors that Will Be


As time goes by


Forces that will Destroy America: Islam and the "New" Communist/Marxist/Socialists

What can and will we do about it?

Overture to Civil War: There's Something Happening Here . . . and it ain't good at all
When the same idea comes from unconnected sources, separated by time and the wall that stands between life and death, it's more than a coincidence.

Victor Davis Hanson's Message for Obama

. . . you are beginning to create an ‘us/them’ climate of increasing passionate intensity, and unleashing zeal that cannot be healthy for the country. So far your soaring rhetoric, untraditional background, and the good will of the American people have mitigated such extremism as your Attorney General calling the nation collective "cowards" or your own serial invective again "the rich," "bankers" and Rush Limbaugh.

But there will come a time, when you will rue the politics of class warfare and the rhetoric of the demagogue—and may find the very intensities that you are unleashing for political advantage now, later on will be precisely those that you most regret that even you cannot control.

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