Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enigma or a$$-clown?

When the Laughing Stops . . . we'll know

Here are bits and pieces from conversation between Jack Wheeler and a French intel guy from Jack Wheeler's 100 DAYS OF BEING A LAUGHINGSTOCK IN PARIS at his "Dr. Jack Wheeler's To the Point."

Arrived at via Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs A LAUGHINGSTOCK IN PARIS

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The sentiments quoted are those of the French Intel guy.

"My agency considers him a joke," he confides. "Every day there is some fresh lunacy that we cannot believe. Mr. Bush would often make us angry. But at this man we just laugh."

. . . it is such a sad and strange thing to see America - America The Great! - do something so crazy as to elect this ridiculous man."

Many of his actions, however, are very puzzling because they are so counter-productive regarding America's best interests. There seems to be a consistent pattern in that direction."

Most anyone in the French elite, the business leaders, Sarko's people, they all know this. They all think this is some crazy joke of the Americans. But it is a very, very dangerous joke. For 100 days your president has been a laughingstock among the tout le monde [the whole world]
No one may be laughing 100 days or 10 months from now."

No one he has working for him knows what they are doing - possibly excepting Mrs. Clinton - and he certainly does not.

The man is a mystery. Nobody can make public his actual birth certificate, or even the particular hospital he was born in, or his college grades, or how he got into Harvard, or how he made editor of the Harvard Law Review and never wrote a single article for it. It goes on and on. He really is a Zero.

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