Saturday, May 2, 2009

What'ya gonna do when the Cops no longer can protect you?

Huh? What'ya gonna do?

FROM Gates of Vienna: "OUT OF THEIR DEPTH"

[In the] southern Swedish city of Malmö . . .nightly riots, arson, and general lawlessness have become the norm in immigrant sections of the city.. . . the Malmö police are unable to manage the situation, and are admitting it: they simply don’t know what to do. The light of Multiculturalism has failed, and they have nothing to fall back on.

[Gates of Vienna's] Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article on the topic from Sydsvenskan [including . . . his own commentary]
See Gates of Vienna: Out of Their Depth:

And from Atlas Shrugs comes the following:

"Dutch Girls Stoned by Muslim Gang in The Netherlands"

In the city of Gouda, which is already known for the attacks of muslim youth on bus drivers, ambulance helpers, fire workers and police officers, now 2 Moroccans are arrested because of stoning Dutch girls.

. . . two girls riding on their bicycles were first verbally attacked and called "cancer-ho" and other insulting illnesses by islamic youth [who] started throwing stoned at them, hitting the heads of the girls. They also took the bicycles from the girls and threw these on the girls.

At least 5 muslim boys were involved, but only 2 young ones were arrested by the police in the age of 13 and 15.

[Why were the older "youths" not traced and arrested by the police? lw]

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs then adds:

Comment: After the already going on violence of Muslims in The Netherlands, by assaulting ambulance workers and fire workers, putting cars on fire, is it now going to be a common "ritual" in the Dutch streets that Dutch girls are going to be publicly stoned?

My COMMENT to the post at Atlas Shrugs:

When the police can no longer protect the citizenry, it will have to protect itself. In Europe this is not understood or considered to be improper.

In the U.S., were this to become the case, there are segments of the society that will not endure attacks by alien "youths" without responding.

This is not speculation, but based on what happened during past civil strife.

Under the present Administration in Washington, it is difficult to tell how the Federal government would act were such disturbances to take place.

If it were to follow the European model (France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK)--that is weak, absent, or prejudiced in favor of the alien element as concerns law enforcement--the polarization between multiculturalists and unbending traditionalists will result in civil disturbances progressing from demonstrations to more self-protective measures.

--Leslie White

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  1. It's quite simple, if these types of atrocities were to take place in the U.S. of A. The rule of 30-06would apply (or .223,.245,.270, etc., etc. get the idea.)

    Zwiazek walki zrbrojnej!