Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to Face the Coming Crash - by Fjordman

In a Comment to a post at Gates of Vienna regarding the lawlessness of violent immigrant gangs in Germany, whose members operate with impunity and hold the police in contempt . . .
Fjordman said...

The system is broken beyond repair. Period. If I have the time I should write a brief essay called "How to survive the coming crash." The crash is unavoidable by now. Instead of wasting time and energy on trying to figure out how to "fix the system," which isn't doable and perhaps not desirable at this point, we should concentrate our energy on the doable, namely to survive the coming crash, preserve as much as we can that is worth preserving and to create a strategy for regenerating afterward.

We should also document what we are witnessing. It is easy to underestimate the importance of this part, but it is crucial. We must show that we have been deliberately lied to and deceived for decades regarding the scale and consequences of mass immigration and denied self-determination. We are the victims of a betrayal and a hostile agenda and have the right to take every measure we deem appropriate to preserve our people and our way of life. We should also rediscover our own history and culture. In the more immediate future, people need to transfer money from US dollars and perhaps other Western currencies into precious metals such as gold and silver. They need to be armed and live in a community or area which is not totally destroyed by diversity, for instance a minor town or village; not a big city (most of which are already severely damaged), but also not completely alone and isolated in a remote rural area.
8/29/2009 6:31 PM

Although Fjordman, a Northern European, intends his advice mainly for Europeans, it applies to all lands where similar conditions exist or will exist.

Be sure to see the video at “There are no laws to stop us. We are our own law.” at Gates of Vienna.

Fjordman, an insightful essayist, often contributes to "Gates o Vienna" among other venues.

Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia is available online--free of charge--at

All parts of Defeating Eurabia can also be reached via "How to Stop the Islamic Jihad" (See the right-hand margin column, second entry from the top, below "To the Shores of Tripoli . . . How to Beat the Saracen").

"Gates of Vienna" has the following gateway to more by Fjordman at the link given here at two paragaphs above. Quoting "Gates of Vienna:"

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