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" . . . a fear of being seen as anti-Islamic has compromised our intelligence gathering, our security, our politics, and our ability to speak the plain truth . . . "

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Why can't the Government Stop Islam?

Because they let too many Moslems in here. And they're still letting them come in. The Saudi-State-Department-connection visa express is still going on. the Moslems in here will keep relatively quiet, except for the increasing CAIR-spearheaded complaints, demands and lawsuits. They will be quietly reproducing. You know how many wives a Msolem is allowed? it's not just one . . . . Then, when they reach a critical mass--watch out! No more Mr. nice Moslem!

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Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] -- is bankrolled by an Arab government, UAE, which was the transit point for 9/11 cash and a formal backer of the Taliban. Dubai holds the deed to CAIR's headquarters, even as CAIR claims it gets no foreign support! And there are classified docs that are sure to embarrass DC bigshots. Remember the hardline cleric who counseled the 9/11 hijackers behind closed doors? the guy the FBI is now looking for after the 9/11 commission concluded was "suspicious" and should be brought in for questioning? well he was released from U.S. custody a year after 9/11 and allowed to leave the country on a Saudi airplane. DC pulled back a warrant for him even though he was on the terror watchlist and su

--S. Johnson
reader and reviewer of Infiltration:
How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry


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Front Page Magazine Interview:

with the Author of Infiltration : --Paul Sperry


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But let's just take the FBI. Remember how after 9/11 we hired Arab and Muslim translators to clear the huge backlog of Al-Qaida chatter?

FP: Yeah, the same backlog where clues to the next planned attack may be buried.

Sperry: Right. Well some of them have sold us out. Case agents I talked to say they can't trust these guys. They say some have tipped off targets of terror investigations, while others are holding back key information from case agents they're working with -- who are completely at their mercy because they don't speak Arabic and these other tongues. The Muslim translators are claiming the information is "NOT PERTINENT" to their investigations when in fact it is. They've also had a problem with laptops with classified al-Qaida information disappearing from that translation unit at FBI's Washington field office. It's a mess there, a veritable Muslim "mole house," as one bureau source put it. Some devout Muslims in the unit have gotten so cocky they're actually demanding separate potties from the "infidel" agents so they won't get dirty sitting on the same toilets. Others go around the language squad saying America had 9/11 coming to it because of our pro-Israel policies. It's outrageous, it's flat-out betrayal, and these are the people who are supposed to be protecting us from another 9/11.

FP: What's headquarters doing about it?

Sperry: Putting the infidel agents through Muslim sensitivity training while promoting the Muslims who threaten to sue for discrimination. Go figure.

FP: So this is also a story, basically then, of the Left’s agenda running amok in DC right?

Sperry: And how. You'd think PC would have died out with the last flames at Ground Zero, but it's still alive and well here in Washington. I cite a number of examples of how various security agencies are committing politically correct suicide in the section of the book called IN ALLAH WE TRUST, but the FBI is the most egregious example. Director Bob Mueller is so politically correct he's cut a deal with Muslim pressure groups to never use "Islamic" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. Muslim leaders don't want the link made for obvious reasons, and he's gone along with their whitewashing. But Mueller's own agents feel demoralized by his pandering. They wonder how they can defeat Islamic terrorists when their own boss can't even talk honestly about what's motivating them.

FP: Why isn't the White House cracking down on Mueller?

Sperry: Because the president has made the same pledge to never describe terrorism as Islamic -- you'll never hear him say "Islamic terrorism" either. Mueller's just taking his cue from the Oval Office. The tone is set from the top. The president never fails to remind us Islam is a "religion of peace" and one that we have to "respect." He even suggested at the last inaugural that the Qur’an is somehow part of our American heritage and culture.

FP: Tell us what conclusions you have reached from your study of Islam.

Sperry: It is a religion of peace -- for Muslims. Everyone else is marked for punishment, as I explain in the chapter "Top 10 Myths of Islam," which your readers should read if they read no other chapter in Infiltration.

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where there is lots more info on how Moslems have crippled our government from effectively halting the Islamic agenda.

[W]e have . . . committed ourselves. . . to be civilized as well as legal

At a Jihad Watch Comment [will try to get exact place--if I can find it],

PD111 said...


The trouble we have is that we have committed ourselves, by ethics as well as custom, to be civilised as well as legal in our fight with Islam. Muslims on the other hand, do not constrain themselves so. There is no reciprocity in Islam, as Pope Benedict stated in his recent speech, whether it is spreading the message of Jesus in Muslim nations, religious freedom for non-Muslims, or in the conduct of war. But they expect all this from Infidel world as their right. Muslims gaily slaughter the conquered but expect mercy as their right when on the receiving end. They celebrate 9/11 with glee but howl with anguish when retaliation comes. The principle of reciprocity - which means that the same rules apply to everyone, breaks down in dealings with Muslims. We may behave in a civilised and legal manner but it idle, nay delusional, to expect the same from Islam.

The banning of Islam poses great problems - it cannot be done in any recognisably legal manner. And even if we could, all the Muslim population has to do, is to mark time till they are a majority. In Bosnia it took a couple of centuries but the inevitable did happen.

So here is lovely story - almost a fantastic story in conception when it was written - "The Flying Inn" by G K Chesterton, a tale of the Islamisation of England. Written some 80 years ago.


Download *.rtf file to view in Word format.

And this "giving England away . . . in small steps . . ."

is applicable to the US,

from Gates of Vienna:

What struck me is that it was political elite in England that were giving the country away to Islam. They did so with stealth and guile, and in small and gentle steps, and with the best intentions, so that the population never really understood the magnitude or the significance of each tiny step.
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