Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can We Trust Obama to Defend and Protect?

Asleep at the switch--once again. Obama diddling on the golf course, enjoying the privileges of his exalted postion gained honestly or not, once again, while the jihad makes inroads. The "failure" of the Nigerian intent on killing Americans should not fool us. His handlers have learned a bunch.

The point of this post, however, is not the failure of the mechanism that Obama has set up (or failed to do so efficiently), but of the man whom the voters (or whoever dishonestly slid him into office) made president.

This man Obama does not recognize who the enemy is (it is Islam on its centuries-old fight against the non-Islamic world) , refuses to do so. Why is that?

Maybe he wants to be "President of the World" instead of only the United States? Maybe because he has a soft spot for --or never left--the Islamic ideology? Who know? who cares?

Fact is, this president is unfit for office. No matter how much he poses and preens and speaks with studied diction.

Does he know how to respond? Or is he unsure and confused?

Obama has appointed people unfit for office to safeguard our nation. Our nation, not his.

The failure is his. The buck stops with his (the president's) office, as Harry Truman so wisely said.

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