Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is the UK Finished?

. . . will it become an Islamic land?

or are there enough stalwart Brits with the gonads to keep England for the English, Wales for the Welsh, Scotland for the Scots, and Ulster for the Ulstermen?

Click on Is the United Kingdom (UK) Sliding into Islamization Without a Whimper?


  1. yes Britain is dhimmified and its their own fault!

  2. The British government--and its law enforcement--certainly are dhimmies to the core. British governments allowed Moslems entry into the UK and have allowed them to subsist on welfare.

    Is this latter situation taking place here, in the US?

    It isn't being publicized, but, if I recall, "Palestinian" Moslem Arabs were and perhaps still are being brought into this country, and of course, Moslem Arabs (and other Moslems) are the favored visa recipients of the State Department.

    Who knows how many Moslems are immigrating into the US? Once they are sufficient to affect elections (citizenship appears not to be checked any longer) our government will also bend to them.

    Both major political parties in the UK are dhimmified. Will the British public counter by voting BNP?

    The BNP has members that are anti-Jewish and anti-any-color-but-white, which opens the party up to criticism. Not all BNP members are of that mindset, and the BNP is the only British political party that is resistant to an Islamic takeover of the UK.