Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did the Islam-Placating President of the U.S. Receive a Bloodied Snout?

. . . by the election of a non-Democrat Senator from Massachussets?

Probably. But don't count the O-bastard out--yet! He's from the Chicago school of politics. They don't like to be defeated, and they don't give up--easily.

This Islamic-born and -educated O-hole still is determined to force us to bend to his will. This reminds one of what Chavez is doing to Venezuela. Sure, the non-working masses love to have a man at the top--to get them what they have not earned without paying a price.

The O wants to lord it over Israel. Aren't the Jews the enemies of Mohammed?

This O-hole has to go. His memory must be sent onto the trash heap of history.

He wants to be emperor. We must show him what he is: an arrogant upstart, who has earned nothing that he has. He loves the perks of being the POTUS, O-hole that he is. He wants to mold us into the dream of the socialists and national socialists.

Let us show him that we live under a Constitution, not under the dictatorship of such as Obama and his cortege: Rahm Emmanuel, Axelrod, etc., Eric Holder, etc. ad nauseam.

Throw the Bums Out! With every election show this empty O that we are not awed by his mouthings of "Hope" and "Change." He is an idol with feet of feces.

AND . . .

From City Journal:

Tuesday’s stern rebuke can be directly tied to Barack Obama’s overreach. The president misread his victory over a weak John McCain, tethered to an even weaker Bush administration, as a mandate for European-style socialism. Brown’s position in the U.S. Senate, as the 41st vote upholding any Republican filibuster of the legislation that would increase the government’s involvement in health care, is both symbol and substance.

Daniel J. Flynn
Unsafe in Any State
The Massachusetts Senate shocker puts Democrats on notice nationwide.


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  1. no sir, Jews are not enemies of Muhammad nor vice versa.

    In fact, Jews and Muslims have lived together peacefully until 1948-the creation of the zionist state of Israel.

    Muslims protected the Jews in Europe from holocaust (Israel recognizes this now).

    Jews were given a save heaven when the Christian Ferdinands were esterminating and forcfully converting Jews after taking over Al Andulus. They lived in the region of North Africa and many still do!!!!

    Please educate yourself!!!