Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Reflections on Barack Obama

Paul Eidelberg

1. Obama is not a deliberate liar so much as a culturally conditioned liar. This was evident in the lies he uttered in his Cairo speech. He simply uttered the lies typical of Muslims—lies he unconsciously internalized.

2. It’s natural for Muslims to blame the United States for their woes if only because Muslims—according to Islamic doctrine—do not have free will. Their sufferings are therefore the result of external forces—concerning which the United States is the main culprit.

3. Hence Obama apologizes (primarily to Islam) for America’s “misdeeds,” especially for its economic power or imperialism.

4. Obama may be deemed a college-educated Manchurian candidate primed to undermine American capitalism.

5. Obama has obviously been conditioned by his “mentors” to undermine the foundations of America: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He is really a man without a country.

6. Notice that Obama appeals to no higher authority for his actions, such as natural or divine law or the Bible. This accounts for his arrogance as well as his shallowness.

7. His professed reverence for Islam is merely a verbal contradiction: it stems from his lips, not from his heart. His heart is filled with disdain, or devoid of gratitude, of a grateful recognition of America’s contribution to the good of humanity. That’s why he does not put his right hand over his heart when patriotic music is played.

8. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton rightly referred to Obama as a “post-American” president—a deliberate euphemism for an anti-American president. This anti-American attitude will compel Obama not only to lie about America, but also to undertake anti-American policies under an American façade. Obama needs this façade to increase his power—and power or self-aggrandizement is the name of his game.

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  1. Obama's Approval Rating heading down the toilet. Stood at -19 today. Let's see that he follows his rating.

    If you want to see him succeed, you must want the United States to become a socialist-national-socialist-Marxist dictatorship. The Constitution will have to be "changed" to agree with the "changes" made by this vile creature (Obama).

    I want to see him fail, so that instead of dismantling the United States, he and his coterie of American-hating functionaries are dismantled before they can succeed.