Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Bring Moslem Terrorists to the U.S.! (to New York City)

How insane is that? Obama's Attorney General--Eric Holder--has given our deadliest enemies--people who would like nothing better than to kill all of us--the full rights of American citizens: starting with Miranda rights--"You have the right to an attorney . . . to remain silent . . . etc."

Guess what that did to the not-too-bright Nigerian Moslem who had a bomb in his drawers, and tried to explode it on a plane about to land in one of our cities? It made him clam up. Supposedly he was blabbing all about who, when, and where, then shut up, on the advice of his no-cost-to-him attorney.

National Security Matters

from Newt Gingrich (like him or not, this makes sense):

Andy McCarthy has a superb article this morning [January 21, 2010] on National Review Online that discusses the role national security played in the election [of a non-Democrat from Massachussets on January 19, 2010].

Every American concerned about our safety in an age of terrorism ought to look at Brown's campaign and take heart that safety is a winning issue, and the left is absurdly on the side of putting terrorists' rights above protecting American lives. If you agree, I also encourage you to sign the Human Events petition protesting the civilian trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (sign here).

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  1. As much you claim to be patriotic you know, you fail to understand a simple thing that if he had explode that plane, American Muslims would have died in the flight as well

    u freeken idiot.