Friday, May 2, 2008

Bloviating Zeppelin: Obama v. Clinton


Bloviating* Zeppelin sez:

The clouds appear to be parting for me [Bloviating Zeppelin] in terms of Clinton and Obama.
I'm thinking that, ultimately, Obama will prevail and the Demorats will choose race over sex. I believe the Demorats fear the Race Baiters more than the Feminists and, for that reason (Superdelegates also considered), will kick Clinton to the curb.
The Demorats will stick with Obama because:

1. Black

2. Young

3. Hip

4. "Street Cred"

5. Changes his accent just for the audience; can range from House Negro to Periphery of Rage

6. Dresses well

7. Speaks well

8. Empty enough to be whatever a voter envisions him to be

9. Despite his current dust-ups with Racist Wright, Rezko, his own book(s), Bill Ayers & Bernardine Doehrn

Obama is MSM's Newest Thang. Clinton is increasingly seen as So Yesterday.
And they will stick with him though, in my opinion, there is an actual chance that McCain could possibly beat Obama come November.

Wild Card: what new ploy will Clinton pull out of her Bag of Tricks?
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from Bloviating Zeppelin: Obama v. Clinton

Is he or isn't he? Who knows? Better Safe Than Sorry. This guy can swing either way: Christ via Jeremiah Wright or "The Lies [excuse, "Dreams"] of my Father" to the dark [Islamic fellow-traveller or worse] side:

This post not approved by "Old Ladies (Grandmas) for Obama"

Is this a smear? You bet your bloviating a#% it is!

*bloviate \BLOH-vee-ayt\, intransitive verb: To speak or write at length in a pompous or boastful manner.
blo·vi·at·ed, blo·vi·at·ing, blo·vi·ates Slang
To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner

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