Friday, May 2, 2008


Spencer's Stealth Jihad

[quoting Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch]

I've just signed a contract with Regnery Publishing for a new book, tentatively entitled Stealth Jihad: How the Islamic Agenda Is Advancing Without Guns and Bombs. It is set right now to appear in November [2008]. All I have to do between now and then is write it.

Islamic experts in the Pentagon -- fired at the insistence of high-ranking Muslim officials for refusing to sugarcoat the truth about Islamic jihad. The ACLU allying with Muslim groups to make war on public celebrations of Christmas. Presidential candidates advised by Muslims who tell them to soft-pedal anti-terror efforts. American citizens sued for reporting suspicious behavior by Muslims in airports. Accommodation of Muslim religious practices in public places, at taxpayer expense. Muslim cab drivers refusing to carry passengers with alcohol, and Muslim checkout clerks refusing to handle pork products -- and even Bibles (they’re “unclean”). Islamic charities funding violent jihad -- abetted by non-Muslim politicians anxious to court Muslim constituencies. Islamic advocacy groups silencing all those who dare speak about these issues -- with the willing complicity of a clueless leftist mainstream media.

It’s all part of the stealth jihad: initiatives to advance the jihadist agenda not by means of guns and bombs, but through a series of initiatives designed to acclimate Americans to downplaying anti-terror initiatives, accommodating Muslim practices, and making special exceptions for Islamic law -- while being cowed by cries of “bigotry” into dropping all resistance to these phenomena. The result? An America completely subjugated under Islamic law -- just the way Osama bin Laden wants it.

Stealth Jihad will lay bare all the many ways in which this undercover jihad is advancing, and call upon Americans to resist it -- before it’s too late.

[emphasis mine, lw]

First published January 30, 2008 at Jihad Watch

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