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Some home truths about Barack Obama:

[from "The Company He Keeps"
Meet Obama’s circle:
The same old America-hating Left.
By Andrew C. McCarthy
National Review Online]

" . . . you could, I suppose, just tell yourself that Obama — a star at Harvard Law School who has risen like a meteor to a seat in the United States Senate and the verge of his party’s presidential nomination — somehow managed the feat despite being utterly clueless."
--Andrew McCarthy

"Obama is a man who reflexively, instinctively, will side with what's wrong and harmful for America, and will oppose what's right and good and wholesome for America. It's uncanny. But this profoundly negative orientation is sugar-coated with a charismatic 'positive' persona and beguiling rhetoric."
--David Kupelian, Managing Editor of World Net Daily and Whistleblower Magazine

The Company He Keeps

Meet Obama’s circle: The same old America-hating Left.

By Andrew C. McCarthy

Why is Barack Obama so comfortable around people who so despise America and its allies? Maybe it’s because they’re so comfortable around him.

He presents as the transcendent agent of “change.” Sounds platitudinous, but it’s really quite strategically vaporous. Sen. Obama is loath to get into the details of how we should change, and, as the media’s Chosen One, he hasn’t had to.

But he’s not, as some hopefully dismiss him, a charismatic lightweight with a gift for sparkling the same old vapid cant. Judging from the company he chooses to keep, Obama’s change would radically alter this country. He eschews detail because most Americans don’t believe we’re a racist, heartless, imperialist cesspool of exploitation. The details would be disqualifying.

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So, instead, we get glimpses. The most profound influence in his life, his wife Michelle . . . Her college thesis, which Princeton tried to keep under lock and key, testifies to a race-obsessed worldview. . . .

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