Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Emperor Obama

Sultan Knish says:

"The acts of cluelessness and perfidy that mark Obama's big trip are too many to mark. It is clear that whatever else Obama is, he is completely ignorant. The mindblowing spectacle of Obama waxing rhapsodic about Kemal Ataturk, even while trying to win the favor of an Islamist party working to undo everything Ataturk did, and that has jailed many of his supporters, once again demonstrates the sheer depths of hopeless ignorance at which Obama swims. An ignorance that no one in the press dares call him on, leaving it to the occasional blogger to get up and shout, 'The Emperor is Naked'.

[Reminds one of another Emperor--The Emperor Jones*.]

Little wonder that in turn the Muslim world meets Obama's acts of obeisance with contempt, resulting in at least one assasination attempt and a Turkish newscaster conducting a broadcast in blackface.

Even the very monsters and thugs Obama is trying to kiss up to hold him in utter bottomless contempt."

(See Obama: Ignorant of History?)

Eugene O'Neill Play Synopsis at
* A play by Eugene O'Neill. Originally called The Silver Bullet, the play is highly effective as pure theater through its use of such elements as pulsing drums, gunshots, and the dramatic jungle setting. Dialogue does little to advance the action. Jones serves as a symbol for a debased humanity . . .

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