Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Riddle of the Sphinx

What's Black and White, Islamic and Christian, Born in Africa and America, and Flies All Over the Place?

Possible Answers:

a. A Man for All Seasons

b. A Chessboard made of Ebony and Ivory being Tossed in the Air

c. A Police Car with Two Policemen of Different Races, Going off a Cliff

If you are asked by the Sphinx, however, I would not use any of the above answers. The Sphinx will Strangle you.

If you are a Modern Oedipus, and can come up with the right answer, the Sphinx will kill herself.

HINT for the correct answer: It (the creature contained in the correct answer) is whatever it thinks that you want it to be. If it advances its purpose, it will shed one skin and appear new and shiny in another one. It will not answer any straight question as to two of its conditions listed in the riddle. It will use either side of its three double-sided conditions to bedazzle and thus deceive you. Come to think of it, it is more noxious and dangerous than the Sphinx herself.

NOTE: Both Sphinx and Sphincter have the same root in Greek. Make of that what you will.


The answer to "The New Riddle of the Sphinx" was actually given--long before the New Spinx posed her new riddle--at

"Obama wants it both ways, has always wanted it both ways. Black and white, Indonesian and American, Muslim and Christian. He loves playing one off the other, using one to hide the other even as the traces of the truth may be assembled to reveal the whole cloth of deception and self-promotion he has been weaving so skillfully since his childhood. No wonder he is a man of change. He IS a changeling, a veritable chameleon, adapting and amending his life story to fit the circumstances."

As the correct answer was given (Obama), the Sphinx (the Strangler) devoured (ate) herself before her new riddle was posted here. That leaves no Sphinx, but only a Sphincter.

A new riddle that must be asked by us is "Who is this Sphincter?"

As Sphincter has the same root as Sphinx--strangle--We ask: "Who is Strangling Us Now?"

"Who is it that is strangling our country, the United States of America, and turning it into another ruin of Western Civilization?"

Is it the One who is a product of this--Western Civilization? Or is he a product of the Other, the barbarous non-civilized world, the world proudly hailed by themselves as Dar al-Islam - areas where Muslims are in the majority - the House of Islam or better said, "The World of Islam."

The Strangler (Sphincter) would have it both ways, he wants to remain The Riddle, this riddler, this strangler of all we hold dear.

Although the Strangler wants us to be puzzled, not to know for certain who or what he is, his true agenda is exposed--ugly and stifling--through the thin-wearing veneer of his many poses: from easy-going, charming likeability to the arrogance of his narcisistic self.

You see, the Strangler IS a Sphinx!


Islam's "Manchurian Candidate?"

At the tail-end of . . .

The Islamization of America - conquering Americans from within

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