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First in Line for the Bus to Hell

as posted at, and from, The Gates of Vienna

New material "WHAT TO DO" added below since this was first published here!

. . . video, taken from security camera footage on a Paris bus, shows a group of “youths” violently attacking a passenger. It’s disturbing to watch, and if you are sensitive to violent images, you may want to skip it

Eursoc has a comprehensive report on the whole incident

Oh, and by the way, Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna adds: "The policeman who posted the video online was arrested for doing so."



separation and robust deterrence are the only answer.

Not hate, not disrespect, not tilting at delusional windmills that Muslims should, want to, or can be like the West. Just separation.

The doctrine of separation from Islam has several champions now, who differ in some details but all agree on what that Polish bugler expressed in 1241: close the city gates. Lawrence Auster defined Separationism as per these points:

Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization.

We cannot destroy Islam.

We cannot democratize Islam.

We cannot assimilate Islam.

Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam.

What this separation entails is a subject that Islam experts like Hugh Fitzgerald, and truthful thinkers about the condition of the West like Fjordman, Lawrence Auster and Srdja Trifkovic have written much about. Other worthy commentators like Steve Sailer and Diana West have also put forth worthy ideas.

What emerges from these is the uniform perception of Islam’s menace, the epochal mistake of opening the West to Muslim immigration, and the plan to reverse the tide. In the aggregate, the main points are:
1. Complete stop to all immigration from Muslim countries.
2. Offering financial inducements to legal Muslim residents to return to their ancestral countries. 3. Deportation of all criminal immigrants even if citizens.
4. Deportation of all illegal immigrants.
5. Closing of Wahhabi mosques and Salafi-linked institutions.
6. Ethnic profiling of Muslims and surveillance of mosques and of Muslim employees in sensitive positions.
7. More severe penalties for terrorist and seditious activities, with ostensibly "religious" activities like advocating for sharia, preaching jihad or even the soft jihad of "conquering the West with the power of the womb" defined as sedition.
8. Much tighter border controls.
9. Cessation of all welfare payments to immigrants.
10. Cessation of involvement in the internal affairs of Muslim countries.
11. Cessation of foreign aid and all "help" to Muslim countries.
12. Military disengagement from Muslim countries, while erecting forward military posts on the perimeters of the Muslim world.
13. Punitive military strikes against regimes that harbor and abet terrorists, but without the deluded occupation and "nation building" that followed such strikes against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Needless to say, there isn’t any chance this agenda can be implemented, except after the criminal lunacy of the ruling Pods [elite] has led to more terrorist attacks by jihadis, civil wars and perhaps worse. And so, while all these ideas are wise, proper and warranted, at a certain level Separationism is a theoretical exercise, based again on the premise of "ought," "should," "have to" and "must" relative to both the rulers and the majority of the Western population that not only haven’t the slightest intention of following such imperatives but regard their issuers as evil.

Geert Wilders, a politician whose job is to win elections, has tried to offer some anti-Islamization measures mild (and ineffective) enough to be acceptable to the electorate in his super-liberal country. Yet, his Klare Wijn platform in 2005 that included these milquetoast measures was deemed "implausible" by a margin of 53% in public polls.

Upon receiving the Kluge Prize in 2003 in the U.S. Library of Congress, the distinguished Polish philosopher, Leszek Kolakowski, gave a speech entitled What the Past Is For in which he said:

"We must absorb history as our own, with all its horrors and monstrosities, as well as its beauty and splendor, its cruelties and persecutions as well as all the magnificent works of the human mind and hand; we must do this if we are to know our proper place in the universe, to know who we are and how we should act. [snip] If we forget [snip], we will be condemning our culture, that is to say ourselves, to ultimate and irrevocable ruin."

But we have undergone a massive population replacement, not only through an infusion of some 100 million+ Muslim and other Third World aliens, but also through the replacement of at least 300 million of our own people’s brains with synthetic legume pods manufactured in true global-economy fashion by the firm Gramsci, Adorno & Said (4), whose local franchises have been operating for decades in every school and university in every Western country. How are we to absorb our history if there is no we? How are we to know how to act if we don’t know who we are?

Hugh Fitzgerald in particular is a great and prolific educator about the totalitarian and West-unfriendly nature of Islam. And chipping away like this at the public’s ignorance and apathy is important, and should continue. But it cannot possibly bring public sanity in time to prevent further calamities of the West’s self-dhimmization. For this reason, the road to "Atlantis" we’ll be charting leads there via a wide detour.

It’s only when Antipods have established a strong base at that detour, that talk of Separationism will be more than an exercise of the imagination. Nevertheless, there are two points that I’d like to add on top of the thirteen.

Be nice. Separation from Islam and from Muslims, unless the latter commit much further transgressions, should not to be carried out in a spirit of anger. This is normal self preservation, as mundane as keeping the bull and the bear in separate spaces. We discarded this common sense due to our own foolishness. Muslim countries have not.

Muslim citizens of the West who behave lawfully, contribute economically and choose to ignore or battle against the incendiary aspects of their faith, cannot be penalized for the idiocy of their host countries in having allowed them to settle there. However inconvenient, however costly their continuing residence in the West, the West has no moral right to kick them out, though it has the right to cordon them off from jihadi influence.

The same applies to relationship with Muslim countries. None of the separationist measures implies, ipso facto, hostility. Good fences make good neighbors. What doesn’t make good neighbors is if one is aggressively tribal and devious by nature, and the other one is a naïve "progressive" floating on fumes of Hope and Change. It’s in wresting the keys to its house from the Hope and Change boyz that the West’s security lies, and not in demonizing the swarthy, ululating neighbor.

Beyond that, it is necessary to recognize that the issue is wider than just Islam. The issue is the incompatibility and unassimilability of well over 100 million Third-Worlders imported into the West by its Body Snatcher regime, and the lack of any justifiable reason for this population replacement. The issue is the ethnocide of the Euro peoples by the demented legume pods bobbing on top of the social pool like a red tide of algae choking off the supply of oxygen to the creatures below. In water ecoscience it’s called eutrophication. In political science, maybe a new term is in order, europhication.

The strange dimensions of Bodysnatcherland (1) can be seen even in Finland. According to statistics quoted by a Finnish blog, Somalis, who constitute 0.2% of Finland’s population, commit 12% of reported robberies. The Somali community in Finland, of course, lives at the taxpayers’ expense just as is does in every Western country where it’s present.

To import Somalis to such a singularly unmixed white and monocultural nation as Finland is a symptom of a galloping psychopathology. Not only that; the Finnish legal establishment actively prosecutes ethnic Finns who publish politically incorrect statements about Islam or Muslims. A blogger named Seppo Lehto was sentenced to long imprisonment and a large fine for "incitement against an ethnic group" and "disturbing religious worship." To do this, the Finnish Body Snatchers had to dig up a blasphemy law so old that the first attempt to overturn it was made in 1914. And now, a Helsinki councilman and blogger Jussi Halla-aho will be tried for blasphemy, for having written that Muhammad was a pedophile.

Predictably, True Finns is the fastest growing political party in Finland. But who knows how much of the true is left to be rescued.


Moslems as Body Snatchers

(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien "Body Snatchers" produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and Antipod as the antithesis of Pod.
(2) Known only under the pseudonym Christoph Luxenberg, this is a German scholar of Semitic languages whose research shows that the Koran is a pastiche including contemporaneous Christian Syriac passages that ought to be interpreted according to their Aramaic meaning, not their Arabic one, e.g. raisins, not virgins.


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