Friday, April 24, 2009



The "Home of The Green Arrow," in the post "Nice little smear by the BBC on behalf of the state," says:

The BBC . . .

. . . in a tiny article . . . shout out . . .

"A candidate for the British National Party (BNP) has been arrested by armed police in Suffolk".

But armed police. I ask you. [The Green Arrow goes on to say . . . ] They report that David Lucas, a BNP candidate in the European Elections was arrested in connection with an incident at his farm last year. Incident? Last year?

Of course if you dig a little deeper you find out that the incident they refer to was a large fund raising party that was held on Davids property at which an old army weapon was on display.

and . . .

From the [tiny article on the] BNP website:

“Politically directed police are being sent to harass BNP activists and provide the controlled media with unsubstantiated smear stories as election day draws ever nearer,” said Simon Darby, deputy leader and press officer.

Reacting to the news that totally innocent BNP Euro Eastern region candidate Mr David Lucas had been detained yesterday, Mr Darby said such things were always expected in the run-up to each and every election.

“Mr Lucas had his home searched by police on the pretext of looking for illegal weapons, most likely because he was alleged to be the owner of the deactivated Bren gun which was used as a stage prop during the BNP’s recent Battle for Britain road shows,” Mr Darby said.

“Of course they found nothing at Mr Lucas’s house. They have now bailed him till after the June elections, at which time they will, as is always the case, withdraw any suggestions of charges. All this does is harass legitimate and innocent political activists while providing the media with an opportunity to print lurid anti-BNP stories.

Could this type of police action be in our future?

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  1. It's already in use in New York State, USA.

    In fact, a tiny, NY State run island with a Manhattan phone prefix and zip code and Queens civic services and NY State goons with limited training and no accountability seems to be the testing ground for the Frankfurt School of Marxism - urban applications thereof. Ticks all the boxes...

    Contemporary and traditional means of communication cannot break through the corruption of this once great State, so the beat goes on.

    However, that they try this nonsense on in Britain, against a candidate for a registered, legitimate and increasingly popular political party is unparalleled in the Western world. Unless the other "democracies" soundly condemn this abuse by unelected Brown's henchmen, the world is doomed.