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The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind, it is clear:

Lets go over them plans again

[by Redneck Texan]

The name Redneck Texan is almost universally associated with my views that this war can only ultimately be won by committing genocide. And this honest opinion of mine is constantly being thrown back in my face as being “my solution” to every problem, when I have always tried to explain that it was the only conceivable conclusion when you consider the all the factors involved. If you examine human behavioral history, religious and cultural intolerance, and project them forward into a future environment where rocks, stones, and bullets will be replaced by Nuclear, Chemical and Biological means of assuring your religious and cultural views predominate the other societies in the world, its hard to come to another conclusion.

Every human mind has always harbored a degree of intolerance for views that differ from the ones that were instilled into it by our particular local culture of choice. This genetic desire for cultural omnipotence has never been selectively bred out of Homo-sapiens due to the fact that the more violent and cunning have coincidentally been the same ones that survived to plant the seeds for the next generation. If don’t believe me, ask your nearest Neanderthal, Cathar, or Carthaginian neighbor. The native Americans can also attest to our ancestor’s desire for cultural dominance.

But hey, nobody hates war and destruction more than I do. I desire nothing more than world peace. One of my first posts here attempted to explain my willingness to live in peace with all of mankind, yet it obvisiously has fallen on deaf ears. All I require is to not be attacked. I could care less how people on the other side of the planet interact with each other, as long as it doesn’t affect the safety of my family. For millennia that has logic has sufficed, because the physical distance between opposing cultures increased the logistical difficulties involved in waging a foreign war of extermination. The spread of western technological advances into the hands of otherwise harmless religious extremist has fundamentally altered the equation of cultural dominance. And I believe we are entering a chapter in human history where all the tolerance we have learned to exercise in order to peacefully co-exist with each other will have to be temporarily put aside, in order for us not to be destroyed by a lesser but more aggressive and persistent cultural enemy.

So lets re-examine all those “plans” I have mentioned in the past, in an effort to explain exactly where I stand on the correct way to prosecute the global war of ideologies.

First, there is the Liberal Plan which I do not subscribe to. It involves us feeling guilty for the fact that we are more socially, scientifically, and financially advanced that our Islamic counterparts. And that it is somehow “our fault” that they are attacking us. And that if we try to befriend and elevate our enemies to our level of enlightenment they will voluntarily enter into a sustained negotiated peace with us. This plan involves transferring a large amount of our gross domestic product into our enemy’s infrastructure, while also allowing the leaders of our enemies to skim a large percentage of these funds into their personal coffers. This compassionate logic has led to such successful endeavors as helping them build nuclear reactors and altering the local laws of nature by providing free food to the starving populations so that they can survive until we can kill them on a battlefield at a later date. It also involves wasting a lot of energy trying to settle centuries old religious hatred inspired conflicts by attempting to bribe both parties into a negotiated “paper” truce. Under this plan our priorities as a nation are not acted on until we have received the blessing of other nations, after we have agreed to make sure we reimburse them for any profits they may be subject to lose from their business dealings with our enemies. The main objective of this plan is to defer taking any serious actions against our enemies to a future braver administration, so that we can then sit back and critique their more effective methods.

The strategy we are currently utilizing is what I commonly refer to as ”Plan A”(aka the Bush Doctrine), and I currently support it. The catalyst for its enactment was 3000 dead Americans at the hands of 15 Islamic Militants. The destruction of 4 planes, 2 skyscrapers, and a wing of our military headquarters revealed that sporadic gutless retaliation methods were ineffective and counter-productive, and that we needed to be more aggressive in our pursuit of the perpetrators. It involves direct military engagements where we can, without violating the sovereignty of non-belligerent governments, and a social reform attempt where we have maintained occupations. The whole idea is to provide an example of how much better our enemies standard of living can be if they will only follow our cultural example, and hope the surrounding nations attempt to emulate them. This plan will take generations to prove successful, but could immediately be proven a failure if we elected to alter our foriegn policy agenda and withdrew occupying forces before they achieved the desired level of cultural change. And this plan does not address the residual ingrained religiously inspired hatred of the general population. We are trying to teach their children that we are nice people, while those children’s parents and religious leaders are trying to teach them the tenets of their cultural hate that has been handed down for generations in the region. All our attempts to bring the region out of a millennia of poverty and oppression is being resisted by the evil men that currently control the minds of the illiterate populaces.

One day we are going to be victims of a similar coordinated attack on our soil, and it is going to dawn on us that our actions have not been focused on our real enemies. We have no more artificial figureheads to eliminate. Enter my ”Plan B” scenario. When we realize that we can not continue to sustain a conventional campaign against the militant followers of Islam, and finally have the political courage to “name our enemy”. Our politicians and anchormen currently refuse to admit to the American masses that this is the first religious war in the history of America, and that no matter how many follower we kill, we have avoided attacking the source of terrorism which lies in the Islamic clergy. We will have to get over our old notions that all religious based behaviors should be tolerated in a global society. When we don’t have any more belligerent governments in the region to replace with Democracies, we will see that it’s the Mosques and Madrasses that need to be targeted. And every Muslim scholar that is now preaching to his flock that the Russian School Massacre was the work of Israelis and not Muslims will need to be hunted down and euthanized without remorse and their mosques reduced to rubble to avoid a quick replacement.

Then only after all that also proves to be ineffective at providing for our children’s safety, and we look back at all those freely elected Democracies we have installed in the region, and take note of the fact they are still belligerent towards our culture but now they possess weapons of mass destruction, and they have provided them to their like minded terrorist brothers and they have inevitably found their way to America cites and we are now mourning the loss of millions of our children, will I support the execution of ”Plan C”.

Plan C (aka Constructive Genocide) involves admitting that it is the people that make up Islamic society that are our un-reformable enemy, and also involves exploding several nuclear warheads over every population center and Islamic holy site from Morocco to Thailand. And cleaning up all surviving men, women, and children with smaller munitions while spending the next 50 years altering the scorched geography towards suitability of our continued cultural expansion in the future. Then I will go push my grandchildren on the swing knowing the majority of other humans agree with me and sleep with a clear conscience knowing we have done the right thing.

I just wanted to clear that up, thanks.
¶ Posted by Redneck Texan

Lets go over them plans again

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