Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama (BO) leading the fight against the jihad of Islam?

Comment from Jihad Watch [edited and updated]

. . . Fighting the jihad under the leadership of a[n] ". . . Obama?" No thanks. . . . let's take another look at . . . Obama . . . :

Goes to his father's homeland Kenya, but then dresses up in A Somali (Moslem) outfit (elder? why elder? Obama was no--is no--Elder).

His "charisma" is all in his mouth and voice. Look at what his woman said. She is not proud of their country. He refuses to honor the flag or anthem.

She still chafes from the years when her ancestors were slaves. She holds that grudge. She bypasses the Civil War--not fought "to free the slaves," I know--[but] that resulted in the slaves being freed.

White people died in that war. White people--Americans--helped escaped slaves in the North before the war.

She is not proud of that.

[the African slaves were mostly captured by fellow Africans and sold to Arabs before being resold at the East African embarkation points to Europeans (such as Portuguese) and European-descended Americans]

Then the Civil Rights movement of the 60s: white people died so that black people could "overcome." No one expects gratitude, the people that died did not expect gratitude. They wanted to see black people enjoy the freedoms available to all.

But Michelle Obama finds nothing to be proud of--until a--sort of--black man (Barack Obama) rose to become a candidate--although she says that's not it. What then? Why is she proud of the U.S. now?

Obama himself does not share his wife's slave heritage. But he comes from a part-Moslem family in Kenya.

He belong[ed] to an Afrocentric church, with a pastor who is not 100% with us--Americans. He is more concerned with black people and Africa.

An Obama president would have that woman on his side, whispering in his ear, in his bed.

Not a fitting leader for an anti-jihad. . . .

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