Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There is an alliance between the enemies of our country--those who would subjugate us to foreign ideologies: Marxism and Islam.

Today, these two ideologies are working hand-in-glove to gain power over us--over our freedom, our lives.

We are in Danger of Electing the Candidate supported by two of our enemies

Obama, of definite Moslem heritage--which he disavows, as he did the anti-white, Afrocentric "Christianity" of the Rev. Wright--will do anything to gain power--over us.

The love-feast between Socialist-Marxists such as Chavez of Venezuela and our own internal Left and the Islamic forces that want to make us accept Islam as the ruling form of ideology spells an end to our freedom.

There are those amongs us--Americans--who will do anything necessary to prevent submission to either Islam or Marxist socialism--ANYTHING.

ANYTHING means short of NOTHING.

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. . . Thank GOD for Professor Eidelberg a man that is not AFRAID to say it like it is. He thinks a civil war is coming and so do I, I told you when I wrote you about Corsi, that short of taking up arms against these elitists nothing can be done to stop their socialist agenda from taking hold. This must be the same atmosphere that preceded the French Revolution in France. For those of us in tune with what's going on we all feel something brewing under the surface, but unfortunately most people are MORONS and can't see what's happening. They're buying into Obama's dangerous rhetoric, and following blindly to their demise. I have a plan on what I will do when the Obama government comes knocking on my door, most idiots on the other hand have no clue what's going on. The media over here is just an arm of the socialist agenda that Obama is pushing for. Pravda comes to mind as to how this media over here has become.

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  1. Experts say that terrorists exist because they grow up with hate-mongerers, get a destorted story, suffered in some fashion and built with this hate they act on it in the most extreme fashion.

    Logically then, the reading of hate-blogs with unfounded and redical messages will ultimately create christian-based terrorists and probably from that so called bible-belt in the south of the United States.

    Remember this and never forget, the vast majority of the horrors, deaths and destruction on this world was created by christians. At present, the world does not blame the religion for it is not logical of course we must blame those that have caused it.

    Should we create anti-christian hate-blogs? They exist and are wrong but look at the logic you pass along and put it into perspective....

    Christian Germans caused the holocaust and the Catholic Pope watched it happen without saying a word. Christian Rawandans butchered 2 million other Christians because of tribalism. Countless millions dissapeared in the Soviet Union by Orthodox Christians (Stalin was a Gorgian Priest after all) and the Patriachs did nothing. And as those Christian French soldiers stood by in Rawanda and did nothing, Christian Dutch Soldiers watched and did nothing in Bonsia as Orthodox Christian Serbs killed tens of thousands of men and boys. Catholic Christian Croats also performed horrible attrocities. If we go back in history, as Islam expanded in the middle east, north afric and elswhere, Christian Crussaders were also singing 'convert or die' and then there was the Inquesition and the total elimination of civilization in Central and South America under the cross.

    I guess what I am saying here is why this blog? Change the name to "Terrorist Danger to Americans", focus on those criminals that shamelessly "use and abuse" in the name of religion and acknowledge that it exists in all religions, past, present and unfortunatly in the future.

    Do not be another red-neck hate-mongerer and create what you should be fighting against.


    (Bio: DHH is a westerner living in North Africa, a diplomatic security expert and consultant)

  2. Right now, the "Danger to Americans" is from Islam -- those Moslems that follow the koran's exhortions to go on jihad, kill the infidels wherever they find them, etc.

    It is not from Christians.


    Not until this danger is eradicated.

    Then it might be called "No More Danger to Americans"

    But in that case, there will no longer be any need for this blog nor for any others that warn of the danger that Islam, its koran, its ahadith, and of the hotheads who live to kill infidels--especially Jews as exhorted to do so by Mohammed.

    As for the "rednecks" you disparage, I am with them all the way!