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Pakistan forewarning al-Qaeda before American strikes, US asserts

from Jihad Watch

Such otherwise traitorous behavior is in complete keeping with several Koranic injunctions which have led to the doctrine of Loyalty (to Muslims) and Enmity (for infidels), such as the following, which both insists Muslims are to have no loyalty to infidels, and also to deceive the latter when necessary: "Allah most high said: 'Let believers [Muslims] not take for friends and allies infidels rather than believers: whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah -- unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions' (that is, taqiyya, deceit)." See Ayman Zawahiri's 60 page treatise on Loyalty and Enmity in The Al Qaeda Reader. "U.S. says Pakistani spies forewarn al Qaeda allies," by Zeeshan Haider for Reuters, July 31:

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The United States has accused members of Pakistan's main spy agency of tipping off al Qaeda-linked militants before U.S. missile attacks on targets in Pakistani tribal lands, Pakistan's defense minister said.

Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar openly acknowledged American mistrust of Pakistan's main military spy agency, the
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), in remarks aired on Thursday on Pakistani television.

"They think that there are some elements in the ISI at some level that when the government of Pakistan is informed of targets, then leak it to them (militants) at some level," Mukhtar told Geo in Washington, having accompanied Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on a maiden visit to the United States.

And what do you think, Mukhtar?

"This is an issue on which they were a bit annoyed."

The U.S. no longer gives Pakistan advance notice when it targets militants in tribal areas.

On Wednesday, the New York Times
reported that a top Central Intelligence Agency official confronted Pakistani officials earlier this month with evidence of ISI ties to militants, and involvement in a suicide car bomb attack outside the Indian embassy in Kabul that killed 58 people, including two senior Indian diplomats.

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[Hugh Fitzgerald writes]:

Nearly seven years, and more than $30 billion dollars later, the American government begins to allow itself to comprehend what the I.S.I., what the Pakistani government, what the Muslims of Pakistan (with a tiny handful of exceptions, for too long clung too hopefully as the rule), are all about.

What a learning curve. This should be a Case Study, used at business schools around the country. Yes, it has room for all the once-fashionable phrases of Consultating, way back to the good old days of Bruce Henderson at BCG (Boston Consulting Group), when the racket really got going.

And let those business school students, perhaps especially those headed for Bain or McKinsey, to note with amusement (and horror) how the American government for the Pakistanis has played the role of Cash Cow. Yes, America as a Cash Cow for Pakistan, and for Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, the "Palestinians" -- in short, for any land of Islam that forgot to be born fabulously rich. A Cash Cow, these United States, and with policy-makers, such as Robert Gates, who keeps clinging to this phrase "war on terror" and now tells us "it will last decades" (it will last, in truth, forever, but nonetheless can be reduced to manageable proportions, if the Money Weapon, Da'wa, and demographic conquest are recognized, and dealt with suitably, as instruments of Jihad), can truly be called bovine. These bovine makers of policy, sitting their, chewing their cuds, trying to make sense, as they flick their tails, of the great big world they perceive, so very dimly, around them.

Moo. Moo.

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