Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is there an "Arab World?"

Arab World ? A Myth!
by Jugurten


[a Berber (a Kabyle) is speaking]

And this brings me to the idea of the arab world: I remember vaguely that I was told some folks in Algiers and surrounding area spoke a strange language, a mixture of berber and Arabic… Although theses people were berbers, I know this since many of them happened to be my cousins; one would call them arabs… Why? Don’t ask me.. Because the answer is simple.

When the first French settlers came to what they named Algeria, they assumed the country’s people were arabs. As simple as that.

For us Kabyle, we never asked ourselves the question as to what we were, it would have been absurd. But today, we realize the History had failed us.

When Algeria was busy fighting to recover its independence, some dark forces were at work, in the shadows of foreign lands. Somewhere in the middle east, some Algerians had the idea that if they aligned them selves with the so called arab world, they would get badly needed help.

How wrong they were!


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