Monday, December 1, 2008

James L. Jones Chevron Oil Company board member Obama's National Security Advisor

From Sultan Knish

Chevron is heavily tied to the Saudis, as the former parent company of ARAMCO, and its policy has been to promote energy interdependency with Middle Eastern oil suppliers. Which means more US dependency on foreign oil, rather than less.

Chevron company board members such as [Condoleeza] Rice or Jones, place the interests of Saudi Arabia before the United States, and are irrevocably hostile to countries that Saudi Arabia is opposed to. Naturally this includes Israel.


James L. Jones meanwhile had prepared a hostile report blasting Israel for interfering with the terrorist forces of the PA. A report that the Bush White House suppressed, but that the Obama occupied White House will be sure to enforce.

Putting an oil company board member in the office of National Security Advisor sends another All Clear message to the Saudis, which is after all only natural. Putting Jones in means we can expect another escalation in hostility to Israel, and kowtowing to the Saudis. More . . .

Sultan Knish

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