Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Texas Fred Sees that the Emperor is Naked or Iraq as the Legacy of George W. Bush

. . . No, G. W. Bush is not the emperor, nor is the next in line for G. W.'s position entitled to be bestowed that title. Emperors are passé and the emperor to which this post's title refers is the one in the Hans Christian Anderson story where an emperor is convinced (I don't remember how or why) that he is dressed in regal finery and his subjects are afraid to notice or remark that he not wearing any clothes--at all.

That is until one child cries out, "But the emperor is not wearing any clothes!"

If any entity can be compared to the emperor in this sad tale here, it is us, the people who were convinced by the Bush administration that after Afghanistan, Iraq was the place to strike our enemies next.

Although many of us were puzzled at the choice of target, we were flimflammed by images of WMDs that the evil (and he was evil) Saddam had in store for us.

But the question remains and festers: Why Iraq, when the Islamic evil emanated from Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Here is a bit of what Texas Fred has to say about Iraq in his post Bush uses final 50 days in office to tout legacy:

I can tell you right now, had I been on the advisory staff when the decision was made to go into Iraq, I would have likely made the BIG news. Iraq was an ill-advised effort, nearly everyone in the national security and Intel business KNEW that. I KNOW that there were some advisers that told Bush the truth about Iraq, but the truth wasn’t what the man wanted to hear. He wanted to hear support and justifications. Here are some of my reasons for believing that Iraq, and the continued prosecution of that war, is the cause of the current financial maladies that this nation is suffering.

We are dumping BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars into one of the most oil rich nations on earth, and we are seeing NO return for OUR investment.

Personally, I would NEVER have gone to Iraq . . .

Read on as to why not and why G. W. Bush felt he had to go there at http://texasfred.net/archives/2962

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