Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why the Man Who Threw the Shoes at Bush is a Hero in the Moslem World

Bush, the Shoes and Islam
Author: Ohmyrus on Thursday, December 25, 2008 - 03:03 AM

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America has spent one trillion dollars getting rid of Saddam Hussein and in fighting sectarian groups that threatened to tear Iraq apart. Had they [the sectarian groups] succeeded, there would have been a bloodbath.

All al Zaidi [the shoe-thrower-at-Bush] and other Muslims can think of is that American troops had killed Muslims. Any good that America has done for the Iraqis is not remembered. Never mind that Saddam Hussein was a blood-thirsty dictator that killed his own people. It was a blessing to be rid of him. Never mind that America has put in place a democracy - the only one of its kind in the Arab world today.

Tellingly, before the invasion, America was hated in the Muslim world for being too cozy with Muslim dictators. They accuse America of propping up corrupt dictators like Saddam Hussein that oppressed the Muslim people. But after the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, America was hated for attacking Iraq and toppling him.

So America is hated no matter what it does since most Muslim believe that infidels are out to harm them. They interpret events in a way that fits their prejudices. We all do that, of course. But their prejudices came from Islam which portrays infidels as evil people out to harm Muslims. Thus Bush's hopes that US troops would be welcomed as liberators proved to be an illusion. He failed to understand Islam.

This failure is due to the political correctness in the western world that makes it difficult to criticize Islam. Islam is portrayed as a benign religion and from this flow all sorts of wrong policies. Allowing Muslim immigration to western countries, for example is a mistake that I believe will undermine western democracies. [2]
[2] Will Muslim Immigration destroy Western Democracy?
Complete article at . . .

Whether the "Islamic" democracy that Bush forced on Iraq will endure as a country with a government friendly towards the United States remains to be seen.
--Leslie White

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