Monday, December 8, 2008

Muslims deeply and seemingly permanently settle into the land, but not into the society

If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford It
by Hugh Fitzgerald

"It is undoubtedly necessary to integrate the Muslims who are here. What other choice is there?"
-- from a reader, the citizen of a country in Western Europe

It may be "undoubtedly necessary" to "integrate" those Muslims who happen to have, in a fit of criminal negligence, been admitted in large numbers into the advanced, entirely too generous, countries of Western Europe, some of which have made a fetish, an Idol of the Age, out of ill-thought-through Diversity and Tolerance, including the toleration of the murderously and immutably intolerant.

But what if those Muslims who have been allowed to settle, in such great and ever-increasing numbers, deep behind what they themselves are taught to regard as enemy lines, cannot -- because of the very nature of Islam, the immutability of its texts, the slamming-shut more than a millennium ago of the Gates to Ijtihad, the effect, the hold, on the minds of the primitive (and most men are primitive, which is why their belief-system had better be a largely innocuous or even conceivably an ennobling one, to begin with) Muslim masses, who may learn French, and acquire a suave Western veneer -- see Tariq Ramadan, notre Frere Tariq, that respectable Euro-Islamic prud'homme -- but remain deeply and disturbingly hostile to the legal and political institutions, and to the artistic expression, and free and skeptical inquiry, and solicitude for the individual (for Islam is incurably collectivist, and the individual "slave of Allah" is as nothing, he is merely part of the Army of Islam, and any attempts to jettison Islam by an individual are consequently treated as treasonm, deserving of death).

The poster seems to have a limited historical knowledge, and limited imagination. It was within living memory that one of the most advanced and liberal countries in the Western world, Czechoslovakia, then led by those European statesmen, Masaryk (son of the famous Tomas, founder of modern Czechoslovakia), and Benes, decided that for security reasons, based on evidence of past behavior but not on any present threat, the Sudeten Germans, three million of them, should be expelled from Czechoslovakia to Deutschtum -- mainly Germany (Austria was still playing the role of "first victim of the Nazis" for all those willing to listen). Not a single advanced Czech, then or since -- not the poet Jaroslav Seifert, not General Ludovik Svoboda, not sad-eyed sweet Aleksandr Dubcek, not Milan Kundera or Milos Forman, or Vaclav Havel (who did on a state trip to Austria admit that the "execution" of the relevant Benes Decree, left something to be desired, something to be regretted). And when those ethnic Germans were expelled -- many had enthusiastically collaborated with the Hitler regime, both before the outbreak of war (allowing themselves to be used for the purposes of propaganda, as they staged riots that would, they knew, be put down by Czech police and these reported scenes would be used to justify taking sides with the "Sudeteners" and their "legitimate rights" by such fools as Sir Basil Runciman, who undertook the Runciman Mission in 1938 to establish, as Runciman said, a "comprehensive and a lasting peace." Connoisseurs of Carter and Brzezinski and others who have been pressuring Israel unbearably for the past several decades will not fail to note the echo.

All over the world, all through history and even in the past decades and past centuries, transfers of populations have been deemed necessary or advisable, by one side, or another, or sometimes both. Think of the Greeks and Turks in the 1920s, Hindus and Muslims at the time of Partition -- have taken place. The Muslim Arabs have not hesitated even to expel huge numbers of other Muslim Arabs -- Libya expelled Egyptians, Kuwait expelled, overnight, 400,000 "Palestinians" after the aid and comfort they gave Saddam Hussein's invaders, Saudi Arabia from time to time expels hundreds of thousands of Yemeni workers at a time, Iraq has expelled Egyptians, Algeria has expelled Moroccans and Morocco Algerians, and so on, by the tens and hundreds of thousands.

The Western world has generally not done so, but it did when it had to, or when a justifiable case was made, and it was made, by little Czechoslovakia, in 1946.

"What else can we do?" says that poster above. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. What's "it"? Oh, "it" to begin with is that continuing, and permanently dangerous, Muslim immigration to Western countries. "It" is permitting Saudi and other outside Arab money to come in to pay for mosques, madrasas, propaganda, campaigns of Da'wa. "It" is anything that allows Muslims, as Muslims, to become deeply and seemingly permanently settled into the land, but not into the society, that was once so securely Infidel.

No, I must repeat: If you have to ask "what else can we do?" then you can't afford... "it."

Posted on 10:23 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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