Friday, February 13, 2009

Islam vs Us

Guess Who's Ahead in that Struggle

from Think Israel - January 2009 Issue


TO the new administration in Washington, which is coming in all shiny and convinced they can do what has never been done before: talk radical Islam out of its mission: global jihad. It is odd they feel that way, seeing that so many of them -- Hillary included -- have been round the block with the administrations that failed to convince the Arabs that regional peace was more important than destroying Israel and conquering West. It's scary that the new guys are listening to some uneducatable anti-Semites like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter, the talking-book versions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Like the White Knight in Alice In Wonderland Prez-Elect Obama has a mission: to "reboot America's image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular." It's not one many American's would see as top priority -- the economy, their jobs, unchecked illegal immigration, their shrinking retirement money and the rapidly developing list of unstable countries seeking to develop nuclear weapons would likely top their list. Nevertheless, as part of this campaign, he is out to find the Moderate Muslim Majority, the Reasonable Muslims, the Muslims who are interested in mutual respect and a partnership of peace and goodwill. He is undeterred by evidence as old as Mohammad's exploits and as new as yesterday when Arabs rallied for the po' Palestinians in Gaza but never raised one poster for the missiles the Gazan Arabs have fired on the Jews or even against the inhuman behavior of the Muslim terrorists in Mumbai.

The new guys kinda sound like Warren Austin, American Ambassador to the U.N. during the 1948 debates on creating a Jewish state. Listening to the Arab and Jewish representatives disagree, he plaintively moaned, "Gentlemen, can't we settle this in a true Christian spirit."

We hope the information in this issue will penetrate the thick layer of optimistic ignorance -- and dogma -- with which the new guys and the refurbished old guys are entering the fray.

The essays in this first set discuss some facets of the Muslim world view and why Islam is resistent to notions of equality among nations and between individuals. They make clear why a return to the hopes and assumptions at the time when the Oslo Accord had just started to bud and before its poisonous fruit had blossomed is a bad idea: experience has taught us concessions by Israel is not the way to peace because the argument isn't over land. It's a religious quarrel started and maintained by resurgent Islam. the Arabs want complete possession of the Middle East -- for starters.

THE MUSLIM WORLD VIEW (Ibrahim, Plaut, Rubin, Shapiro, Sharpe, Johnson, Glazov, Salih, Memri, Imani)

THOUGHTS ON A NUCLEAR IRAN AND AN ENUCLEATED ISRAEL (Phillips and Brookes, Epstein, Rosett, Imani)

GAZA AND GUSH KATIF (Mark, Elders of Ziyon, Eidelberg, Weiner and Bell, Plaut, Eidelberg, Glick, Tucker, Sapersteins)

ISLAM AT THE U.N. (Sprayregen, Jacoby, Zaidi, Loconte, Bayefsky)

ISLAM IN EUROPE (Coughlan, Fjordman)

ISLAM IN AMERICA (Imm, Lappen, Ehrenfeld and Abady, Goldstein)

HELPING THE MUSLIM CAUSE VOLUNTARILY OR UNWITTINGLY (Shulman, Merkley, Berlyn, Pipes, Shafran, Glick, Rubin)

HISTORY (Green, Gannon, Tsiddon-Chatto)

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