Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama Appeases Islamics Once Again*


[Robert] Spencer: Obama Takes the Appeasement Path

My [Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch's] column in Human Events today:

According to a Syrian newspaper, the Obama Administration has agreed to sell airplane parts to Syria. If confirmed, this would be for the Obama team yet another departure from Bush Administration policy, and an especially disquieting one: Syria is one of only four countries that the State Department lists as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. The others are Cuba, Iran, and Sudan, and of those four Syria has been on the list the longest, since December 29, 1979.
Bush had barred all American exports to Syria except food and medicines, but now an ominous precedent is being set. The Syrian source has stated that the parts would be used only to repair two Boeing 747s, but once sales of airplane parts begin, would electronics and other materials useful on military aircraft also be released? This could lead to the spectacle of a designated State Sponsor of Terrorism using American materiel to attack an American ally, Israel.
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*See Obama Tries to Appease Iran - Ends Up Looking Like an Ass

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