Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama Putting Up a Weak-to-Non-Existing Front Against Our Islamic Enemies

[quoting Caroline Glick]

Starting with his first day in office, Obama has made clear he intends to end the U.S. war against Islamic terror. In his first week in office, he announced he will make good on his campaign pledges to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, outlaw most of Washington's means of dealing with captured terrorists, slash the defense budget, and diplomatically engage rather than militarily confront state sponsors of terror and weapons of mass destruction proliferators Iran and Syria. And ever since, he has been actively implementing policies aimed at achieving these goals.


. . . to forge a strategy to contend with the Obama administration, it is important to first understand what motivates the White House. Only by recognizing the ideological origins of Obama's policies can Israel and its allies in the U.S. have any hope of contending with them successfully.

[close quote]

NOTE by lw re the ideological origins of Obama's policies: We know full well what are these origins of Obama--ideologically, "spiritually" and politically, that is, Islamic-jihad-placating Leftist multiculturalism* , "Wrightian Afrocentric Black Christianity," and Alinsky Socialism-Marxism.

Read the rest of Caroline Glick's analysis of Obama's stance against the Islamic enemies that seek to destroy us Growing Evidence Of Obama's Troubling Mideast Mindset at
*Nostalgic yearnings after the Mohammedanism of his youth, his delight in remembering the muezzin's call to evening prayer of the "faithful" in Indonesia
Oh! An afterthought! Words are needed for Caption This!
worth a trip there to see what has been put over on us all--
and give voice to what it's all about

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