Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something to Ponder (Think on it!)

Comment to "The Origins of a National Police Force"

Roodog said...
The SA and Red Guards are etched still in living memory. I do not believe that the American People would tolerate such supervision or suppression. If such developments were to come about, things could be very ugly. The opposition would band together (and I urge this) to defend their rights against this encroachment.If the most basic of rights are infringed upon, the people must take whatever stand is neccessary.We do need to hold our legislators' feet to the fire to compel them to do the right thing.They must be informed that our privacy is sacred and any intrusion thereon will not be tolerated. Snoops and snitches are openly despised and, if warranted, expendable.Furthermore, given the current political and economic atmosphere,that ALL who may lawfully own a firearm to get one. Liberal or conservative is irrelevant, Both will need to defend their right to hold to their own worldview when this is all said and done


I dont think there's ever been a Revolution or Civil War where the majority of the citizens actually engaged in the day to day trigger work.... so I dont guess a population majority is a necessity to win one. I think it usually boils down to who wants to win the most. And they usually start as a single small skirmish and spread from there....... and I dont really see a catalyst for that happening here, yet....... of course that could change the first time Obama visits Dallas.

Redneck Texan

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In every revolution, the vast majority remained inert. Revolutions succeed depending on the zeal of a few.
- [5th paragraph down]

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