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Look What's Coming Down on Us . . .

. . . all of us, whether we voted for it or not.

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Predicting Obama’s Presidency
from http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=8607

My Predictions for the New Obama “Presidency”.

by Kit Lange

Kit Lange is an Air Force veteran and military writer. Her blog, EuphoricReality.com, was named as one of the top 10 milblogs of the year.

Now that America has shown us all that affirmative action even works in politics, I’ve compiled a list of things that you can probably expect to happen. These predictions are 80% gleaned from information all of us have access to, and 15% gut instinct based on many years of research, historical study, and being glued to current affairs. The other 5% is just anger at my countrymen’s stupidity–I admit it.

- Israel will understand this election was the end of any type of assistance, military or otherwise, from the U.S., and will stop holding back their defense at the request of the American administration. Look for a first strike on Iran soon, as well as increased activity by the Israeli military in general. Israel is on her own now, and God help us all because of it.

- Websites and mass emails offering “free grants,” courtesy of the government and “Obama’s wealth redistribution.” Actually, this one’s a freebie, because I have an email with a date and timestamp of literally minutes after Obama was declared the winner, offering exactly that.

- Look for Iranian retaliation–against American targets. That goes doubly for other terrorist organizations. We just elected a man with the full endorsement of every major terrorist group in the world as leader of the free world. It’s the political equivalent of hiring a child molester to babysit your kids while you leave for the weekend. Not only is HE going to have fun with your child, but he’ll probably sit and watch while his friends come over and do it too.

- Look for far-left justices appointed to the Supreme Court, effectively tying up the entire government in a trifecta of liberal humanism, the buzzwords of which remain empty platitudes like “hope and change,” and the ultimate goal of which is socialism–and soon, sharia law.

- Military cases of troops being tried and convicted for killing the enemy in combat will continue to rise–and the conviction/plea-bargain rate will stay at nearly 100%, as the government seeks to use the best men and women this country has to offer as sacrificial lambs on the altar of global appeasement. Those brave and honorable men who currently reside in prison cells across the country, stripped of their rank, their careers, families, and their good name, will not taste free air again for many years. Their sacrifices and their stories will be forgotten by the general public, remembered only by those of us who continue to fight for them.

- Look for the slow but steady erosion of rights you have enjoyed for your entire lives–all the while being told it’s “for your own good.” Restrictions on gun ownership, home schooling, encouraged dependence on the ever-growing federal government. More nanny-state provisions will be put into place to protect the “disadvantaged” and the “poor,” (read: lazy, uneducated, unwilling to better themselves) even while groups like the unborn, the mentally handicapped, elderly, and terminally ill are slowly pushed toward euthanasia. Of course, this will be done with feel-good phrases like “death with dignity,” “not wanting to be a burden,” and “merciful release from suffering,” all of which ignore the basic fact that we are killing people without their consent for the “good of the people.” Before you tell me I’m crazy, let’s just remember that Barack Obama was the ONLY senator in the Illinois state senate to vote against providing medical care for babies who were inconsiderate enough to survive an abortion.. Also, look for taxes to go up. Yes, they’ll go up.

- You think the economy is bad now? Just wait. You’ll have the most expensive “free” health care ever. Bread lines aren’t just for Russians anymore. We have traded experience for color, freedom for slavery–and the irony is that the average American sheeple thinks their vote somehow righted an ancient wrong, somehow ENDED the spectre of slavery and ushered in some beautiful era of liberty. In reality, we are about to be less free than you ever thought possible.

I watched the faces of those crowded into the mob (excuse the pun) in Chicago. They stared at Obama like he was a god, an idol, a panacea to their every want and need. We have truly failed as a nation if we are at the point where we feel we must look to one man to take care of us all, to be our father figure and our sugar daddy. We have lost not only the “can-do” attitude of past generations, but the “MUST-do” attitude of our forefathers. We have allowed ourselves to become reduced from Patrick Henry’s proud cry of “liberty or death” to the sniveling, whining idea that we are owed something. We have gone from being the honorable defenders of freedom to being told we are the problem.

The eyes of Obama and McCain were also telling. McCain acted with class and grace in his concession speech, offering the most honorable response I’ve seen yet. I don’t agree with all of McCain’s positions, but it cannot be denied that the man has served his nation–at permanent and severe detriment to himself–for half a century. His eyes were clear and sincere, honest. His speech underlined the very reasons why, of the two men offered, he was hands down the better choice.

On the other hand, Obama’s eyes were cold, calculating. His manner was smug and still carried the arrogance he has always had. His facial expression was one of barely disguised disdain for everything people like me believe in. His body language was smooth, polished–too much so. He talked of patriotism as though it is a value he is familiar with–and yet, his horrifying attitude toward the country he now leads is as well-documented as his friendships with those who seek its demise. He is charismatic to those who don’t know what to look for, and he is inspiring to those who cannot or will not think for themselves. However, too many who voted for him are guilty of the most dangerous kind of hypocrisy. You see, we are told daily that we must not see color, just mankind. (We are all family, you know–or so we’re told.) And yet Barack Obama was handed the White House on a silver platter by a fawning media, a bevy of foreign donors (who, to this day and in violation of U.S. election laws, remain nameless and unaccounted for), and a populace who voted based on color instead of right and wrong–even in the face of the most damning evidence against a Presidential candidate in many years, perhaps ever.

It is said that the people receive the government they deserve. Sadly, I fear that’s correct. We have become complacent, unwilling to see the writing on the wall, content to frolic in the warm water without bearing to notice that it’s been getting hotter by the minute. We are two seconds from a rolling boil–and perhaps it is already too late.

So, liberals, enjoy your victory. Jump around. Have a party, file for your free grants. Scream “Gimme my handout!” and make fun of those of us who fought to make sure your “messiah” didn’t get access to the most powerful position in the world. Just remember when it all comes crashing down: You own the White House, the Congress, and soon the Supreme Court. You have no one to blame but yourselves for the mess you just created.

That is, those who voted for him. Interesting commentary. Time will tell.


Obama To Muslim World - “U.S. not your enemy”
from http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=8566

Obama: U.S. not your enemy

first published at http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20090127/pl_politico/18016

The interview with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya Network was a dramatic piece of public diplomacy aimed at capitalizing on the new American president's international popularity, though it balanced America's traditional commitment to Israel, whose security Obama called "paramount.'

"I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries," Obama said, according to a White House transcript. "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy."

The Al Arabiya interview, directed squarely at Muslims around the world, revived a vision of personal, symbolic international change that was in the air when Obama - with his far-flung family members, and complicated story - launched his campaign. It was a vision, and an aspect of his story, that the candidate buried when, in 2007, was forced to combat whispering campaigns about his own faith.

But by giving his first interview to the Arabic network, Obama signaled his continuing belief in his personal power as a symbol of America against the temptations of Islamic militancy. He even dismissed "bankrupt" ideas and policies that don't improve children's health care, jabbing at "nervous" Al Qaeda leaders in language that echoed his campaign against George W. Bush.

The occasion for this interview was the departure of Obama's special envoy, George Mitchell, to the Middle East, and a more aggressive and optimistic approach to that conflict than some argued that the circumstances dictated. The president offered no timeline for peace, but a firm view that a Palestinian state remains within reach.

"What I told him is start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating — in the past on some of these issues — and we don't always know all the factors that are involved," Obama said. "What we want to do is to listen, set aside some of the preconceptions that have existed and have built up over the last several years. And I think if we do that, then there's a possibility at least of achieving some breakthroughs."

Obama's interview was marked by attempts to sympathize with the concerns of ordinary Muslims, particularly on the question of living conditions in the West Bank. But he sought a conciliatory tone throughout the interview, at one point avoiding even restating American policy, and his own platform, than an Iranian nuclear weapon is plainly unacceptable.

"Will the United States ever live with a nuclear Iran? And if not, how far are you going in the direction of preventing it?" asked the interviewer, Al Arabiya Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melhem.

Obama responded only generally, expressing disapproval of an Iranian bomb but not the flat condemnation that is standard from American officials.

"You know, I said during the campaign that it is very important for us to make sure that we are using all the tools of U.S. power, including diplomacy, in our relationship with Iran," he said. "Now, the Iranian people are a great people, and Persian civilization is a great civilization. Iran has acted in ways that's not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region: their threats against Israel; their pursuit of a nuclear weapon which could potentially set off an arms race in the region that would make everybody less safe; their support of terrorist organizations in the past -- none of these things have been helpful."

During the campaign and transition periods, Obama's condemnations of an Iranian nuclear weapon were more direct: "[T]heir development of nuclear weapons would be unacceptable," Obama said on Meet the Press on December 7.

A senior Obama aide said Monday night that Obama had not changed his views on Iran.

Obama also signaled a move away from President Bush's confrontational, generalizing language. Melhem noted to Obama that "President Bush framed the war on terror conceptually in a way that was very broad, 'war on terror,' and used sometimes certain terminology that the many people -- Islamic fascism. You've always framed it in a different way, specifically against one group called al Qaeda and their collaborators."

"I think that you're making a very important point. And that is that the language we use matters," Obama replied. "[W]hat we need to understand is, is that there are extremist organizations -- whether Muslim or any other faith in the past -- that will use faith as a justification for violence. We cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faith's name.

"And so you will I think see our administration be very clear in distinguishing between organizations like al Qaeda -- that espouse violence, espouse terror and act on it -- and people who may disagree with my administration and certain actions, or may have a particular viewpoint in terms of how their countries should develop," he said. "We can have legitimate disagreements but still be respectful. I cannot respect terrorist organizations that would kill innocent civilians and we will hunt them down."

Obama's shift Monday was one of tone, not of policy, and he also affirmed America's support for Israel.

"Israel is a strong ally of the United States. They will not stop being a strong ally of the United States. And I will continue to believe that Israel's security is paramount," he said. "But I also believe that there are Israelis who recognize that it is important to achieve peace. They will be willing to make sacrifices if the time is appropriate and if there is serious partnership on the other side."

Obama's interview plan was made public only Monday afternoon, and the interview, which concluded just after 6:00 p.m., was distributed to reporters in the evening and embargoed for release at 11:00 p.m.

Asked why Al Arabiya had been granted the president's first interview, and aide said: "We want to communicate directly to the entire world America's new foreign policy."

Jonathan Martin contributed to this story.
from http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20090127/pl_politico/18016
via http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=8566

Comments on Obama To Muslim World - “U.S. not your enemy”
at http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=8566

Jerry Gordon, The Iconoclast, comment
It is significant that the first formal interview that Pres. Barack Hussein Obama gave was to Dubai-based Al-Arabiya. Notice that the interview done in the early evening, yesterday, was embargoed for release until 11 PM, EST? While touching on threads of his own Muslim origins and Muslim extended family while appealing to ordinary Muslims, Obama conveyed a sense that he was one of them and part of the ‘ummah’ - the community of believers. While stating that he will hunt down extremists that seek to destroy us of whatever religious stripe, Obama projects himself and his ’smartpower” diplomacy as being a furtherance of official dhimmitude, something that manifested itself in the second term of the Bush Administration that I wrote about in the New English Review-see
“Bush and Islamofacists Detente in DC“.

By emphasizing that his special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, will ‘listen’ is a message of appeal to Arab street and the Saudis about “peace’ flowing through Jerusalem with the establishment, if such can be had, of a Palestinian state, and an Israel walled up behind the ‘Auschwitz’ borders of the pre-1967 War Armistice line. By being ‘humble’ Obama has capitulated to the caterwauling of the Arab street and the Mullahs in Tehran pursuing their annihilationist nuclear project aimed at eradicating Israel, the Jewish state. Within less than one week following his inauguration, Obama has revealed his Middle East agenda. Israel is on the cusp of electing a new government on February 10th. We’ll see if the new government formed in the Knesset general election vote will send a telling message to Obama and the Muslim world that Israel will not be the ‘agnus dei’ (sacrificial lamb) to Militant Islam.

Selected Israpundit reader comments

Comment by Gary:
“Americans are not your enemy.” Obama thinks that the Muslims hate the US because of American “colonialism” as he puts it. Has he ever studied the spread of Islam? It represents the greatest conquest of land and “souls” in human history.

“We want to listen” says Obama - sure, and once you have heard what they have to say, I wonder if Obama wants us to adopt their views to appease them to win their “friendship.”

Does Obama not realize that Islam has a perpetual and everlasting goal to destroy and replace the non-Muslim nations with their own Islamic dictatorships and their religion?

I have “listened” and the more I hear from them, the more obvious it becomes that there is no common ground and no way that they are prepared to compromise - though they are eager and longing for us to conform entirely to their views and way of life.
Comment by Gary — January 27, 2009 @ 3:09 pm

Comment by NormanF:
The man is a complete idiot. America’s enemies will have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner before long. They sense, not America’s goodwill and extended hand of friendship, but rather her weakness and her exhaustion in carrying on the war against them. And they will strike blows at her. All the sweet talk in the world have never altered one whit the nature of Islam.
Comment by NormanF — January 27, 2009 @ 4:07 am

Comment by gungfusifu:
oh dhimmitude here we come!! and how nieve it is to think that a two state solution will bring peace to Israel from her sworn enemies. people think that we can build bridges of understanding with our sworn enemies, but my father, a combat engineer in world war two built pontoon bridges that weren’t built for better understanding, they were built to carry tanks and infantry which were used to destroy the enemy, and after they were destroyed and finally surrendered, THEN we built bridges of understanding and made peace.
Comment by gungfusifu — January 27, 2009 @ 7:27 am

This is the Message to Moslems that Obama SHOULD have delivered:

Those of you who asked for it, now got, are getting, and will get just what you wanted.

Those of you who voted for him, deserve what is coming down on you.

the Winning Democrat
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NOTE: The donkey is the symbol of the Democrats, a political party

courtesy of No Sheeples Here!

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