Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Redneck Texan on Obama's Inauguration

I'm still trying to formulate a response to it that looks like something other than treason.

If I had the ability to put my current disgust into words, not only would I have to ban myself, but I'd have the secret service busting through my front door.

My problems not so much with Obama himself, as it is the regions of the nation that put him into office. I no longer feel I share enough common interests with them to justify sharing a government with them. I feel like this election was an attack, by them, on my way of life.

I cant imagine the regional / ideological rift being any deeper after the election of 1860 than it is today.... but only the lack of regional / ideological passion that keeps us from doing anything about living under a government we despise..... and there's really nothing I can do about it but watch the decline of our greatness from the comfort of my recliner...... its either there or prison.

Gabe's basically saying that just because the left engaged in rabid obstructionist opposition, and despite the fact that it worked, we should not sink to their level..... but he doesn't really say how long we should submit to the will of the ignorant majority.

How many more election cycles should we hold our fire?

What if at some point, even after the left's policies have left our great nation in shambles, the ignorant majority still blindly support the Utopian leftist vision..... and their numbers continue to multiply..... do we just all keep standing aside and let them reduce our nation to a 3rd world basket case? ........... probably.

You know the founders, in their remarkable foresight, never really intended for the ignorant people to even vote for the executive. They left it to the states to decide how to use their electoral college allotment. Most states didn't even allow a popular vote in our early contests. In fact they didn't even intend for every ignorant person to be allowed to vote for their Congressmen. The brilliant racist bastards were trying to keep power in the hands of White Men.

Whats odd is, over the course of time, no one took power away from the racist white men...... we gave it away. A fact that I dont think is fully appreciated by all those now accustomed to wielding the power we gave them.

I dont think there's ever been a Revolution or Civil War where the majority of the citizens actually engaged in the day to day trigger work.... so I dont guess a population majority is a necessity to win one. I think it usually boils down to who wants to win the most. And they usually start as a single small skirmish and spread from there....... and I dont really see a catalyst for that happening here, yet.

...... of course that could change the first time Obama visits Dallas.

Redneck Texan

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