Friday, January 23, 2009

Sultan Knish: The Obam[i]nation's 7 Laws

Sultan Knish: "Obama is an outsider who has been afraid all along. He lies, he manipulates, but if he has one link to Lincoln, it is that he fears that he cannot fool all of the people all the time. But he is determined to try his best. Which is why he will spread his reality distortion field as far and wide as he can. It is why he will do his best to control the press, to take the blame for nothing, to keep lying and rolling out shiny new announcements that mean nothing-- hoping to stay one step ahead of the people he is fooling.

These are the laws of the Obamanation by which he intends to rule. These are the laws by which he hopes to hold on to the power he has illegitimately seized. These are the laws that must be broken for him to fall."

An obliquely incidental illustration of one of the points made:

For the "Laws themselves," go to The Seven Laws of the Obamanation:

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