Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hell no!

Not if you're in you're right mind!

Because this is the kind of change he wants:


from the nation envisioned by our Founders

to a nation with a government shaky in its upholding of our Constitution

to a weakened country that welcomes those who want to replace our Constitution

with a foreign supreme set of laws:

the Mohammedans' SHARIA

where under Islam reigns supreme

and those of us who do not submit to it

if allowed to live

for Jews

will depend on the whim of any one of the Moslems who are the rulers of the United States

for Christians life as "Untermenschen"--subhumans as defined by

the German Nazis, so admired and aped by today's Islamics

quickly stepping into the gutter were one of the Moslem "Supremes" come towards

one of the hated "Crusaders" on a sidewalk


right away--while the change into am Islamic-dominated U.S. is going on

the society of the U.S. is being changed to follow a socialist/Marxist ideal

where wealth is shared between the "disadvantaged" (as defined by Obama & his Marxist crew)

and the people who make money, either through entrepreneurship or

by working for a living

freeing the "disadvantaged" to continue living without working--on the dole

But that share-the-wealth-with the "perennially poor" change ain't all!

As we have corporations as well as individuals that make a profit

and individual families that do not have top spend all they earn

to survive

the Obama-man, that great big "O" or "0" in experience or love for America

wants to take that profit, that "surplus" that a family has from its earnings

and share it with the rest of the world

Especially with that continent where the 0-man's paternal family still lives

the continent that his "late" pastor, the "Rev." Jeremiah Wright taught him

that we, the United states, owe and owe and owe


The 0-man wants to take our--every family's,

and corporation's--surplus earnings

and give it to the globally "disadvantaged"

principally the African countries

so like the domestic "disadvantaged"

they don't have to to anything but exist and procreate

Yes, that great big "Zero," the self-anointed Saviour of the United States

the phony "Messiah"

the silver-tongued orator

who blows smoke

and flashes mirors

who blows or tries to blow smoke up

out collective lowermost orifices

wants to change our government

into his vision, which is that of

the birds he hangs with:

Rezko, Ayers , Farrakhan, Alinsky

and the man at whose feet he lapped up Marxist ideals, a man he refers to only as "Frank" — none other than the late communist Frank Marshall Davis, who fled Chicago after the FBI and Congress opened investigations into his "subversive," "un-American activities."

Garlanded with Moslem and Communist credentials, Barack Hussein Obama is a menace to the American way of life.

Of course there are those who spit on the American way of life--like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Socialist-Marxist, the anarchists, the indolent loiterers in the streets and their kindred on the public dole.

Any change that the great big 0 would bring to this country, were he to capture and control the Presidency, would be of benefit to the foregoing segments of our society, not to the taxpaying Middle Class--who would be his first target (see Saul Alinsky's design on that Middle Class at
Obama's Red Mentor
Meet Barack Obama Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis

As to Obama's "Leaving Islam (way behind, if you believe him)," see Apostasy in islam : The point of no return at

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