Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Running Dogs of the Left in the Main-Stream Press

Before we start, I am not a Conservative--I have nothing to conserve. I side with, and have always sided with, the downtrodden--the underdogs (los de abajo)--if these are not self-styled victims like the Islamics, especially their "always down" outriders, the so-called "Palestinian" Arabs--the professional, perennial self-pitying (but murderous) victims of all time. I am not a Republican--not much of a party man, really. I do care about the United States, because I live here, and my descendants live here. I have served in the armed forces of the United States during time of war. I do not vote a person's color nor religion--but I do vote the person's ideals and ideology, and I do not vote for Socialism, Marxism, or Islamicism.

If a person's color becomes that person's right to anything, they have lost my vote, support, and will earn my adversarial stance.

It is not anybody's time to rule and reign over us. It is not the time for any color to get the power.

But this about the Running-Dog Leftist press that wants to cram a presidential candidate down our collective craw.

We do not want him. He is running for president for all the wrong reasons. He is not running for us, although he mouths the words, Change, overturning society--that's "bottom's up!" He will try to "equalize" us. He is not running for "us," he is running for himself and for what he can do--not for all the people, but for the African-Americans and for the Africans, whom he believes we owe, we owe, we owe.

He is running to make this country--to paraphrase and bowdlerize his wife Michelle--"less mean" and to make her (and presumably himself) for the first time "proud of his country"--actually our country.

I am not a neocon. I did not believe that Iraq was the right place to attack, after Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden had gone to ground. The right place would have been the home country(-ies) and the financiers of the 9-11 Mass Murderers. But with our leadership then, that was not possible,

But we're not going to to go down that smelly road.

The point is that the Leftists or as they want to be called Liberals of the Main-Stream Media are Running Dogs of the Socialist-Marxist-pro-Islamic forces in our country. They are not pro-the-United States, they want it destroyed, and a "global union" to take its place--whether that be under a caliphate or a world government (under the despicable UN--the United Nations).

That is why they are the Running Dogs of the Left and the would-be destroyers of our country, and Obama is their presidential candidate, the one they want to rule us, whether we like it or not.

(and Obama's vice-presidential pick, Joe Biden? He's old-hat, boring. Seen that, been there done that.)

Crowning Obama
Media Bias: The biggest surprise of the Democratic convention? The spectacle of journalists applauding Barack Obama's acceptance speech. OK, maybe not the biggest surprise. But certainly one of the biggest disgraces.
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