Friday, September 26, 2008

"I've Got Personality!" not since Shirley Temple sang that has there been such a strong claimant to the title: "I'm A Personality"!

He's into himself! He's got coins that bear his image, a "pseudo-Presidential seal of his own, an adulating following that howls his slogans (Change! and Yes We Can! - without giving the "What")

Can you imagine what he would do as President of the United States?

Think of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela

of (the now-faded) Fidel Castro of Cuba

of Saddam Hussain

of Stalin

of Mussolini

of Hitler

Perhaps he's got "Personality," but besides that he's largely a nothing man who came from nowhere and is going to take us where we do not want to be.

Obama is all about HIMSELF.

It is "I," "Me," and the Alinsky-counseled ploy "Get the Middle Class on Your Side."

Watch for it.

And weep, if that megalomaniac is elected.


Barack Obama’s Dangerous Personality Cult

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