Monday, September 15, 2008

Charlie Gibson is a Supercilious Ass

Phyllis Chesler:
Charlie Gibson: This is No Way to Interview a Vice-Presidential Candidate Even if She is Sarah Palin.

See the Chesler Chronicles

re Charlie Gibson's demeanor:
supercilious - Latin superciliosus, from supercilium eyebrow, haughtiness, from super- + -cilium eyelid
: coolly and patronizingly haughty

Also see Running Dogs of the Left in the Main-Stream Press

The ass Charlie Gibson runs right along with the Running Dogs of the Left in Main-Stream Media

(. . . braying as he trots with head held high. Not realizing that an ass is still an ass -- and not some superior being elevated to a position of power by those whose hireling he is)

Braying: intransitive verb
: to utter the characteristic loud harsh cry of a donkey ; also : to utter a sound like a donkey's

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