Thursday, September 18, 2008

Change . . . Turning the Society Upside Down . . .

Change . . . Turning the Society Upside Down . . .
. . . is it good for you?

distribution of "wealth"--that is income. taking from what you earn and giving it to those who do not earn anything--because they do not work, and do not intend to work, as long as they can get part of the earnings of those who do work.

Of course that is Socialism and that is what the "Community Organizers" sell to the "communities" that they "organize."


those who whinny and bray about "Change" without pointing out what the change they are advocating is, are hiding their agenda.

The "Change" is a re-distribution of wealth--of money you earn--and giving it to the shiftless inhabitants of the "communities" that they are organizing to vote for them--the "Organizers" of these "Communities" themselves.

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