Monday, August 25, 2008

WHEN IT COMES TO OBAMA - Do You Get It? I mean, do you know what he has in store for us?

WHEN IT COMES TO OBAMA - Here is one person who Gets It ! ! !

Subject: Paul Eidelberg gets IT!!!


I listened to Paul Eidelberg on your July 28th show and he's saying everything that I've been telling people for a year now. Obama is DANGEROUS, Professor Eidelberg hit it when he said who Obama will put into his cabinet when he becomes President. I've been thinking that for the last year, most idiots over here have NO CLUE who these people are that Obama will place in his cabinet. THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS, not only to us here but, to ISRAEL AS WELL. Obama talks in code, Professor Eidelberg is right on when he says that Obama uses "change" as an inocuous phrase, but in fact, those of us that are students of history know that this is anything but harmless. If you listen to this guy he's always offering something to people in other words "elect me I'll give you something" that is socialism my friends and how it rises to power. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Musolini did it, now Obama is doing it. Thank GOD for Professor Eidelberg a man that is not AFRAID to say it like it is. He thinks a civil war is coming and so do I, I told you when I wrote you about Corsi, that short of taking up arms against these elitists nothing can be done to stop their socialist agenda from taking hold. This must be the same atmosphere that preceded the French Revolution in France. For those of us in tune with what's going on we all feel something brewing under the surface, but unfortunately most people are MORONS and can't see what's happening. They're buying into Obama's dangerous rhetoric, and following blindly to their demise. I have a plan on what I will do when the Obama government comes knocking on my door, most idiots on the other hand have no clue what's going on. The media over here is just an arm of the socialist agenda that Obama is pushing for. Pravda comes to mind as to how this media over here has become. Professor Eidelberg is right on about Iran too, how can one negotiate with animals that have openly said they want to kill you? Answer, you can't. Israel will have to go it alone I think to stop the new Hitler in Iran. Obama will not help Israel, this is a man who would not even visit our troops in Germany when he was there, he hates the military and hates Israel:--don't be fooled like these phony jews over here in the states have been. The irony is that Obama wants to placate Ahmadinejad and the "jews" over here think that's ok, it amazes me that they really don't seem to give a damn about Israel whether it lives or dies. These liberal jews are phony, like John Stewart or Seinfeld that make fun of their heritage to make money. Rather sickening.

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There is an alliance between the enemies of our country--which is the USA under its Constitution (our country, that is). The enemies are those who would subjugate us to foreign ideologies: Marxism and Islam.

Today, these two ideologies are working hand-in-glove to gain power over us--over our freedom, our lives.

Obama, of definite Moslem heritage--which he disavows, as he did the anti-white, Afrocentric "Christianity" of the Rev. Wright--will do anything to gain power--over us.

The love-feast between Socialist-Marxists such as Chavez of Venezuela and our own internal Left and the Islamic forces that want to make us accept Islam as the ruling form of ideology spells an end to our freedom.

There are those amongs us--Americans--who will do anything necessary to prevent submission to either Islam or Marxist socialism--ANYTHING.

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