Thursday, November 13, 2008

The "Fairness Doctrine" in Broadcasting and Freedom of Speech

The fight is on…let’s take it to them. This is a hill I would die on!!! If they succeed with their plans to implement the Fairness Doctrine, it will be the beginning of the end for our free democracy. The propagandist will have full reign..oh yeah they already do. It’s called the Liberal Mainstream Media. The first step in taking over a democracy is to quell the public’s ability to differ from it’s governing body. We will lose our voice of reason and will be forced to swallow the doctrine of The One who studied at the feet of Marxist/Communist/Socialist/America Haters! I just have to ask. For those who study history,can you draw parallels between our incoming dictator in chief and Hitler? I think it is a fair comparison. Just a few thoughts: He swept into office and didn’t govern, but ruled. Hitler had youth singing praises to him, he controlled the media, he was elected in a democratic Germany. His images were everywhere. He had a soaring rhetorical speech. People blindly followed him.They were fanatical about him and willingly did his bidding. He had many promises to keep to many fringe groups. There was economic turmoil. He insisted on having a Hitler Youth Movement. He persecuted people with dissenting views. I could go on but you get the point. History always repeats itself. We are just a dumbed down nation and don’t even see it coming! God help us all. Wake up America and see with fresh eyes the coming destruction and try to do something about it!!! In 2 years we will not even recognize our beloved country if BO gets even 1/4 of his agenda through. Are you ready for CHANGE?

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