Monday, November 24, 2008


al-taqiya alert: why the fuss? this is exactly what mohammedans think of blacks
nov 22nd, 2008

what al-qaeda said is exactly what arabs think of blacks. they think of blacks as natural slaves.

if you don't agree, just see what arab mohammedans are doing to black mohammedans in darfur, the sudan. they enslave and rape them, treat them like animals.

black american mohammedans have been sold a bill of goods about mohammedan brotherhood and all that good stuff.

technically arabs think obama is a mohammedan but an apostate, so they would want him dead. that is, unless they have funded him and he's a manchurian candidate. ah, the possibilities for al-taqiya upon al-taqiya -- like double and triple agents -- are deliciously complex.
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