Monday, November 3, 2008

Whoever Wins Today's election - Remember: Government is a servant, not a master

The Future is in Our Hands
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For those of us in America an election is coming up today.

Government is a servant, not a master. When government ceases to serve the people and becomes a power base in and of itself, when elections are blatantly tampered with and the press becomes a propaganda machine serving that power base, it is time for the people to hold fast to their ideals by detaching their lives from the power of government.We've invested a great deal of power in governments, we've turned over our country, our ideals and our future to them... and it may be past time to begin taking all those back.Government is not the guardian of our countries, our flags, or our futures, only its manager and they have proven poor managers. The state is an institution we vested our trust in, but once an institution becomes irreversibly corrupt that trust must be withdrawn.

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