Monday, November 3, 2008

Voices in the Void while the World waits to enthrone the ass-clown Obama

This ass-clown thinks he really is something.

He should thank Affirmative Action for where he is. We are the ones who will suffer for pushing him, his mate, and a whole bunch of other zeroes into places where they do not belong.

VOICES in the Void

from Roger Gardner and Commentators at RADARSITE
. . . thoughts of a populace on the verge

excerpts . . . go and read the whole thing at

This is what it means to be a patriot in an America that has moved so far left that patriotism has become just another ism, another form of fanaticism. An America where love of country is equated with a low IQ, and belief in American exceptionalism is considered the worst example of blind hubris and historical ignorance.
--Roger W. Gardner

I went through a period (a couple weeks ago) of abject misery and despair. The all-consuming insanity and illogic of this -- that perhaps a majority in the country actually want an Obama presidency -- it's just unfathomable. Just as I'd have great difficulty severing one of my own limbs with a spoon, I can't imaging enthusiastically supporting things like: higher taxes, loss of free choice in things like health-care, restriction or elimination of 2nd amendment rights, censorship and "fairness doctrine", greater government intervention in our lives, ... etc. The list goes on and on.

Barack Obama is definitely the enemy!

If the polls are correct I fear that the tipping point has been reached and the country is no longer worthy of caring about. I simply cannot bring myself to care about or respect a country that would elect this person to its highest office.
--Jack Savage

- the fight will not be over if nobama becomes the president -

Whenever I hear Obama speak I get a physical reaction, almost nausea, like Alex in a Clockwork Orange.

Can Obama Pull Off A Hugo Chavez…You can bet your assets. The Violent Crime Control Act of 1994 providesadditional powers to the President of the UnitedStates, allowing the suspension of theConstitution and Constitutional rights ofAmericans during a “drug crisis”. It provides forthe construction of detention camps, seizure ofproperty, and military control of populated areas.
--Marion Valentine

cheer up, there's always the civil war that will come if the Obama rule turns out the way we all fear that it will.

This is not the America my family sought out, a refuge from tyranny and a land where liberty reigned supreme. I feel deep in my heart that Tuesday, that America will no longer exist. We cannot allow her to die in vain.

I too can only stomach Fox News, but only so much of it. I won't watch Hannity & Colmes as much or O'Reilly at all any longer. Colmes irritates me too much and O'Reilly is too self absorbed.
--Lew Waters

It is interesting enough that finally some issue is being raised about Obama's "civilian security" force "better funded that the military".(I've been repeating that quote since April.)I found it far more condemnable that Rev. Wright or Michelle, but consistent with Ayres and Bodine who would re-hire a Cheka and Farrakhan (bow-tied-civilian thuggery). . . . and a statement that he would employ the most extraordinary measures to 'secure' what the military cannot. That is a political police state.

. . . this election is truly about the survivial of our nations existence as we have known it. And how our forefathers established our great nation. I can't believe in how Obama has sucked in so many people based on his rhetoric only. Roger, you and many others have done this country a great service to inform people of what will become if Obama is elected. I seriously hope you and your pundits have gotten through to some regarding the severity of this matter.

For the entire corps of ass-clowns on the Obama team, see The Ghosts in The Obama Machine

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